Amazon Finds: The September Edit

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I’m rounding up my favorite Amazon purchases and finds from the past month! All things great for kids, the home, and fashion, too!

Toddler Favorites: The Shoe Edit

reef grom leather flip flop

Rule #402: When you feed your kids, they tend to grow. A lot. And fast.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to get some kind of side job in order to pay for Corey’s shoes. Just his shoes. This kid … Read More

Favorite Amazon Toddler Finds

BabaMate No Show Socks Toddler Baby

Rule #273: Amazon was made for you and me.  I love me some Amazon. I find all kinds of random goodies on there, and I wanted to share a few that have really helped us out in the Toddler Game. … Read More

Toddler Favorites

state bag mini kane

Rule #39: Kids don’t come with instruction manuals. I feel like someone should really consider writing an actual instruction manual for kids. Why is my kid acting like a mini terrorist? See: page 20. Why are his diapers something from … Read More