Amazon Finds: The September Edit

Amazon Finds: The September Edit

Rule #396: Amazon has all the things. All of them.

It’s that time again! It’s another roundup of all of the fun things I’ve found on Amazon this month! There are all kinds of good finds for me, the kiddos, and the house.

Short Sleeve Pocket Dress (under $25 + free returns)

LOVE this dress! I’ve had to stop myself from wearing it twice in the same week. It’s comfy, flattering, and basic B bonus – it’s got pockets!

Amazon Dress

Magnetic Building Blocks

Our friends brought these to the beach for the kiddos to play with during Quiet Time. Corey became obsessed, so I ordered him a set! He’s loving the different shapes and things he can build. It’s amazing what’s inside the imagination of a 3 year old.

magnetic building blocks

Laptop Case ($15)

I’ve been carting around the ole laptop in my gym bag lately, so I needed an easy way to protect it. This laptop case is perfect! It’s cute, cushiony, and fits my laptop like a glove. I ordered the case that 1″ larger than my laptop.

Amazon Laptop Case
Amazon Laptop Case

iPad Kids Case

This thing was a godsend during our trip to Chicago! It’s lightweight, durable, protective, and has a handle that can be used to carry or prop up your iPad. Corey’s headphones have lasted us quite a while, too.

Chicago Trip

Electronic Bug Repellant

We live off of a “lake” (really a large retention pond), so we have a really bad case of spiders. Our pest control company is wonderful. However, during the bad summer months, I like to have something extra to keep them at bay. This electronic repellant has done a great job at keeping the spiders to a minimum! I even ordered a second so we have one on both the front and back patios! I’m not a huge fan of chemicals all the time, so this was a great alternative.

Amazon Electronic Bug Repellant

Educational Placemats (4 in a pack)

Corey has been having a hard time figuring out the concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I was browsing Amazon and saw these pop up! It’s been perfect Table Talk during mealtimes. I think he’s beginning to get the concept of Time, but even if not, they’re cute! We also loved these which are more geared towards younger kiddos.

Amazon Educational Placemats

Non Skid Dog Bowl

Penny is notorious for how she eats her food. She normally will push her nose around in her dog bowl and create a HUGE mess all over the floor. She’s done it since she was a puppy, and I’ve got too much going on to try and train it out of her at this point. SO. I’ve been on the hunt for a dog bowl that won’t skid or make a mess. A friend of mine posted about this one, so I thought I’d give it a whirl! It’s a GAME CHANGER! It slows her down, makes it so that she can’t make a mess, and makes this OCD Mama very, very happy.

non skid dog bowl

Automatic Candles with Remote | Batteries

I never met an automatic candle I didn’t like. Add in the option of a remote, and I’m sold. We have WAY too many of these all over the house throughout the year, but I amp it up come fall. The batteries are cheap, cheap, cheap from Amazon, too!

Amazon Electronic Automatic Tea Light Candles with Remote

Kids Shoe Round-Up

I almost did a completely separate Amazon post about kids’ shoes, but I figured I’d just tack it on at the end here. I try so hard to find shoes at Carter’s, Kohl’s, and Target for the kids. I almost always leave empty-handed because the selection is too picked over or the kids’ sizes aren’t there. I’ve found Amazon to be my saving grace when it comes to their shoes lately!

Saucony Kids’ Sneakers

I just keep ordering this same pair of sneakers in the same exact color every time Corey outgrows a pair. They’re easy to get on, durable, and pretty stinkin’ cute, too!

kids sneakers

Kids’ Crocs

This is I think our fourth pair of these bad boys. Corey loves his Crocs because they match his Daddy’s! We keep ours out back so that he can throw them on to play outside. BONUS: dog poop comes off of these guys very easily!

kids crocs

Toddler Mary Janes

I can’t even. I’m in love with these adorable shoes! They’re close-toed (great for the playground), velcro, and stinkin’ cute! Brooke insists on wearing them around the house, too.

Amazon Toddler Mary Janes

Toddler Chuck Taylors

I don’t think it gets much better than chubby baby legs attached to Pink Chuck Taylors. They’re super easy to get on, too!

Amazon Toddler Chuck Taylor Converse

Happy Weekend Eve, y’all! To all my peeps in the Houston area, stay safe!

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