Toddler Favorites: The Shoe Edit

Toddler Favorites: The Shoe Edit

Rule #402: When you feed your kids, they tend to grow. A lot. And fast. 

I’m thinking I’m going to have to get some kind of side job in order to pay for Corey’s shoes. Just his shoes. This kid has grown out of his shoes that we bought him just 4 months ago. I was sure that set would last us for a solid 6 months, but no siree. So, here we are! Toddler Shoe Shopping Central! I wanted to share some of the good ones we’ve found. Some of them are more than I typically like to pay (others are a pretty great price), but they’re all great quality. I bought him shoes in a size 8 which is just a hair too big, so he’s got a pinch of growing room still. Fingers crossed these bad boys last us longer than 4 months or he may be sporting some shoes made out of aluminum foil.

I love me some chubby boy feet in flip flops! These looks so cute on his little feet, and he can still run and jump and play baseball as if he were in tennis shoes. They’re super easy to put on, but not easy for him to take off (score for not having to do the ‘flip flop hunt’ in the car before running into Target)!

Reef Grom Leather Flip Flops | $38

reef grom leather flip flop

These are the shoes homie wears to the pool or playing in the water these days. They’re extremely cushiony and soft, so the looooooooong (or just .10 of a mile) walk to the pool isn’t such a drag. They’re ‘water friendly’, so I wouldn’t use them as a water shoe like you would at the beach or something. They do the job for us though because we’re just pool people this summer.

Reef Grom Rover Flip Flops (Water Friendly) | $30

reef grom rover water friendly flip flop

Natives. I can’t say enough great things about them. I can’t believe Corey’s now on his 4th pair with his biggo feet. He’s got a high arch (he get it from his mama), so it is kind of tough for him to get them on and off. It’s still way easier to put these on than regular tennis shoes! They are such durable shoes though and I never worry about them getting dirty or wet. They’re worth every penny in my opinion. They come in tons of colors for boys and girls, too!

Native Jefferson Water Friendly Slip-On Shoes | $35

native jefferson water friendly shoes

We didn’t purchase these (yet), but I just thought they were so stinkin’ cute. The price isn’t so bad either for a good pair of Reef flip flops.

Reef Grom Photo Flip Flop | $30

reef grom photo print flip flop

I ordered this same exact pair of sneakers for Corey (just 4 months ago… did I mention that yet?), and loved them so much I bought the same shoes in the same color again! Corey loves them, and they’re pretty easy to slide on-and-off his chubby little foot.

Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker | $34

saucony jazz hook and loop sneaker

These are also some great ones we got a few months ago. They fit Corey’s foot still (thank you, Shoe Gods), but I’ll most likely order them again in a larger size. You can’t beat that price!

Femizee Casual Toddler Loafer | $13

femizee casual toddler kid boys girls loafer

I found these at Kohl’s and, to be honest, I paid more than I would have if I’d just bought them from Amazon. I didn’t do a great job of ‘bargain shopping’, but they’re cute! We had a similar pair for Corey in the fall, so I’m excited that these will (hopefully) last him a while. They’re so adorable with the no show socks linked below, too!

Carter’s Cosmo Boat Shoe | $16 (with coupon at checkout)

carter's cosmo boy boat shoe

Another tried-and-true purchase (and one we’ll be repeating soon) are these cute little kids’ Crocs. Jon Boy has a matching pair, and it couldn’t be cuter! Corey wears his outside to play and run around in the yard. It’s great because I don’t worry if he happens to step into something muddy (or in a present sweet Penny left for us) because they wash off very easily.

Crocs Classic Kids’ Clog | $30

crocs kids classic realtree clog

These socks are magnificent! They are definitely no show, so they make all these shoes look even more adorable. They don’t fall or slip down into the shoe, so you don’t have to worry about your kiddo running and playing. Plus, the price is pretty fabulous (plus Amazon Prime, helloo)!

BabaMate Toddler + Kids’ No Show Socks | 6 for $13

babamate todder kids no show socks

I’d love to know your favorite kids’ and toddlers’ shoe brands and stores! Sharing is caring, y’all!

toddler shoes

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