Life Lately

galiana's cafe

Life Lately Rule #67: Banning deli meat for pregnant women is cruel and unusual punishment. Our life lately has been pretty uneventful which is absolutely glorious in my book! Here’s a little of what’s been going on in our neck … Read More

Life Lately

corey dougas

Life Lately Rule #49: When you become a parent, going to the bathroom alone becomes a luxury. Life has been pretty good, but crazy lately. Home boy here is finally (knocking on wood as I type) over a nasty virus … Read More

Life Lately

jcrew tartan puffer vest

Life Lately Life Lately Rule #419: Your age will absolutely be judged based on the conversations you have in bars. This holiday season was one for the books! We enjoyed tons of times in our pj’s hanging out in the … Read More

Life Lately and Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen

date night

Life Lately and Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I feel like everything is in fast and slow motion at the same time. Parties, dinners, plays, events, gifts, shopping, eating, … Read More