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Life Lately

Rule #419: Your age will absolutely be judged based on the conversations you have in bars.

This holiday season was one for the books! We enjoyed tons of times in our pj’s hanging out in the living room and eating allllll the food. Corey enjoyed his favorite gift from Santa (an actual Polar Express Choo-Choo Train), but I have to say, if I hear “Alllll Abooooarrrrrddd!” one more time in the next few months, I may shove mashed potatoes in my ears.

I think this picture is my absolute favorite from our Christmas this year. Corey’s hair is nothing short of Kevin McAllister perfection.

polar express train

This picture was a very close second. This baby boy loves his Noni so very much. Those Teddy Bears aren’t too bad, either!

noni and corey

Penny’s face sums up how we felt about all of our football losses this past week… I love my Aggies, but come on already!


Jon Boy and I snuck away to see the new Star Wars movie (I think it’s epic! Jon Boy is a purist and liked it, but felt kinda “ehhh” at the end.) I was excited to wear my puffer vest and not sweat my face off in Houston. I’m really enjoying this cooooooold weather! Feel free to stay, Jack Frost!

JCrew Puffer Vest (Similar) | Solid Color

jcrew tartan puffer vest

We stopped at Brixology in Vintage Park for a pre-movie cocktail. The conversations we had at the bar included topics such as: the price of gas, the great sale on dish sponges, and the fact that lighting at the bar was too dim for our old eyes to read the menu. I think it’s safe to say that we’re not 21 anymore.

Jon Boy had the BEST Old Fashioned


I enjoyed a French 75 – oh la la!


We took a little overnight adventure to San Antonio for a beautiful wedding this past weekend. We needed to eat lunch and almost settled on a Whataburger in Columbus, TX (between Houston + San Antonio off I-10). BUT! We saw this little gem right across the street and we just had to stop. We love finding little hidden treasures in random places. And ohhhhh what a treasure it was! It’s the ultimate small town, food-done-right kinda place. They have a scrumptious buffet, but we decided to just order off the menu.

schobels restaurant

I had the BLT + Fries because HELLOOOOOOOO… it’s not the New Year yet! It was phenomenal. Jon Boy had the club sandwich and it was layer upon layer of lunch heaven. If you’re looking for a great place to stop between Houston and San Antonio, you’ve gotta check out Schobel’s Restaurant!

schobels restaurant

I had to snap a quick pic of this gorgeous tree. I know it’s not polite to guess a lady’s age, but I’d say this gorgeous gal was well over 150 years old. So much beauty and history is hidden inside of ole trees. I love that she’s still standing next to this awesome restaurant.

schobels restaurant

We had the most amazing time at our friends’ wedding in San Antonio this past weekend. It was held in the most gorgeous setting and was one of the most true-to-the-couple weddings I’ve ever been to. Plus, Jon Boy and I got a date night out on the town! We even stayed up until alllllllmost midnight. We’re so hip!

j crew bell sleeve dress

I wore this dress, and I LOVED it. JCrew Bell-Sleeve Dress | $52


To keep it real… I mean really real… I have to say that 2017 was one of my least favorite years to date. And that’s saying something coming from me (check these out if you don’t believe me: Exhibit A | Exhibit B). It was a year of horribly unexpected family deaths, lots and lots of illness, the loss of our sweet dog Osa, and lots of anxiety about jobs and life in general. I’ve decided that 2018 is the Year of Positivity. Sometimes the only thing we have control over is our reaction and ACTION in times when we’d rather wallow in our sadness. I’m vowing to make myself stay positive, find the good in every day (like my Great Grandma Flossie said), and do the best I can for those around me. I had to end this little post with a few of my favorite memes I’ve found lately:

Sorry for the “colorful language”, but this one gave me a good laugh.

Cheers to 2018, y’all!

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