THE PIONEER WOMAN – aka My New BFF! – Plus a Restaurant Rec: Dish Society

THE PIONEER WOMAN – aka My New BFF! – Plus a Restaurant Rec: Dish Society

Say whhhaaatttt!!! This past Thursday night was the night of dreeaaammmmss! I can’t even describe how emotionally exhausted I was at the end of the whole shabang (at a whopping 9:04 PM, thank you). Jon Boy surprised me with tickets to Pioneer Woman’s book signing for her new cookbook, Come and Get It! The whole day he kept dropping hints until I finally beat it out of him (gently… with words and threats).

I can’t say enough about how absolutely genuine, sweet, gorgeous, and hilarious that Pioneer Woman (Ree, aka my BFF) is in person. She and her husband are hard-working, everyday people that happen to own a gorgeous cattle ranch and know how to cook the dickens off your socks.

meeting pioneer woman

Right before this picture, I was on the verge of tears – #FanGirlMoment. I couldn’t believe I was about to meet her! Touch her! Take a picture with her! Talk to her! Agh! After the picture, she told me I was beautiful and that she loved my top. I told her she inspired it because of the flowers. She said, “Flowers are always a good choice!” OMG. We’re basically soul sisters now.

Pioneer Woman: Come and Get It!

Okay, so I have to admit. I’ve already lied to my BFF. I totes didn’t know we were going to see her when I picked this outfit. Jon Boy told me to wear something as if I were going to meet a celebrity, but to still be comfy. To which I replied, “So, do I dress like we’re meeting Thor – Chris Hemsworth?” He said, “Yes…” without batting an eyelash. I knew immediately that this was big. Maybe not Thor big, but big nonetheless.

Here’s what I wore for Thor… I mean… P-Dub.

Socialite Foldover Cold Shoulder Top | Vigoss Chelsea High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans | Nine West Fifth Pointy Toe Pumps


The only control I had over the evening was the grub (shocker, I know). Dish Society was in the area that Jon Boy told me to choose from, so I knew that’s what we’d be hitting up for dinner! It’s been on my list of Restaurants to Try since we’ve moved here. Lemme tell ya, it needs to be on YOUR list, too, if you haven’t gone yet.

 dish society

It was still happy hour when we got there, so we ordered a couple of yummy cocktails. Jon Boy got a beer (I drink Miller Lite, so I don’t know the kind), and I had the Red Basil cocktail. Holy Yummo. Both were $6 each and so muah!

Red Basil: Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka + Basil + Grapefruit Juice + Lime + Cane Sugar + Splash of Soda

dish society

We also decided to take advantage of the $5 ‘Social Hour’ apps. We were trying to be healthy, so we chose the Pretzels & Smoked Gouda Queso

dish society

and the Pimento Cheese with Crackers.

dish society

[that was sarcasm, folks – carbs + cheese means I’ll be hittin’ that gym hard for about 7 weeks]

Jon Boy had the Shrimp Tacos.

dish society

This dainty lady had the Brisket Stuffed Sweet Potato.

dish society

And to add a little more to our healthy evening, we shared the Truffle Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

dish society

We will definitely be grubbin’ at Dish Society soon! All of that I just listed plus two more drinks was only $57! No lies, y’all. It’s fantastic. Plus it’s perfect for families!

Don’t let that smile fool you – I was FREAKING OUT! I was mere minutes away from walking into a book shop to meet my idol. I couldn’t even handle. Jon Boy kept asking, “What are you going to say? What are you going to do? How is she going to sign your book?” HELLLOOOOOO! I’m trying not to pee in my pants, bud!

This book shop was the cutest! It reminded me of the book shop from You’ve Got Mail… I can’t wait to go back and do some Christmas shopping! They had not only great books, but also some perfectly unique gifts for kids that don’t involve technology or Elmo. Sorry, Elmo. I love you, but Mama needs a break.

Blue Willow Books


[Freaking Out]

I took pictures of book as we meandered through the store in the waiting line. So many gorgeous covers and titles. I could’ve stayed in there forever.

So, as I’ve said. P-Dub and I are now BFF’s. See – I have proof:

Just chattin’ it up with Marlboro Man (PW’s husband). NBD. He told us about the drive down from Oklahoma (he drove their car, just the two of them), their son’s football game the next day, and basically just exuded hunky cowboy vibes. Sorry, Jon Boy. Actually, I think Jon Boy would agree with me.

Nicest guy! Oh, and Marlboro Man was great, too.

This definitely tops our Date Nights thus far. Although, I have to admit I’m not the greatest with surprises. I had a little anxiety not knowing exactly what to expect. Way to go, OCD. Either way – it was a fantastic night! I’m still recovering emotionally!

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