Travelin’ Dreams

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Travelin’ Dreams We had such a great summer of travel + family + friends + FOOD! But now that we’ve been back to normal for a couple of weeks, I’m already dreaming of our next vacay. I’ve been brooding over … Read More

Charleston – Take 4 + 5

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Charleston – Take 4 + 5 I love these dunes. I don’t know why. They’re just grass and funky fences really, but they’re just so pretty! They remind me of all of Nicholas Sparks’s novels [but without the tears]. [and … Read More

Charleston – Take 3

charleston travel

Day 3 was a busy, busy, busy and FUN day in Charleston! We started the day by running [cough* I walked *cough] on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge near our hotel. Jon actually ran the whole 2 1/2 miles one-way … Read More

Charleston – Take 2

charleston travel

Day 2 is in the books! Charleston did not disappoint by any means on our second day here. We slept in super late (because hello… no toddler + no schedule = parents sleeping in well past an acceptable time). Once … Read More

Charleston – Take 1

charleston travel

Charleston – Take 1 Our anniversary trip is off to an AMAZING start! We’ve been looking forward to coming to Charleston for (no kidding) almost three years now. It’s been a dream vacation of ours because of the FOOD (for … Read More