Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

the let down netflix

Netflix Shows to Binge Watch Rule #328: ‘Netflix and Chill’ has a whole new meaning when you’re 829 weeks pregnant. I loooooooove me some Netflix. There’s nothing more beautiful than having that instant gratification of watching one episode and the … Read More

Life Lately


Life Lately Rule #62 : Showering is optional.  This big guy was my sidekick last week. We were both excited about getting back in a routine (thank the Lordy for preschool) and getting back to eating a bit healthier. I … Read More

Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

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Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix If you’re anything like me and the hubs, you find yourself spending almost as much time trying to FIND show on Netflix as you do actually WATCHING the show. ‘m I right?  We finally sit down … Read More