Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

If you’re anything like me and the hubs, you find yourself spending almost as much time trying to FIND show on Netflix as you do actually WATCHING the show. ‘m I right?  We finally sit down at the end of the day to watch something, and I swear we spend 30 minutes looking for one only to watch about 20 minutes of the show because we’re too tired to watch anymore. [We go to bed early, y’all.] So… I thought I’d share some of our very, very hard-earned wisdom with you folks.

Below is a list of some super binge-worthy shows we’ve seen on Netflix.



This is probably our favorite show on Netflix! I’m TOTALLY bummed that this one is being cancelled after the next season airs (this fall, I think). Hopefully some other network will pick it up! If you liked Breaking Bad, then you’ll love this show. This one is a great drama made up of bad choice after bad choice (except we didn’t get as annoyed at the TV as we did in BB – Walter, seriously?). It’s about a family in the Florida Keys caught-up in the sins of their past that come to haunt them in the present. It’s a series of misunderstandings, miscommunications, cover-ups, and all-out WRONGS that families can do to one another. The acting is phenomenal – two of the actors have been nominated (one actually won) for Emmys!


ozark netflix

OHHHHHH myyyy GERRRRRD. This show! Y’all – if you want a show that keeps you on your toes through every episode, then this is the show for you! It’s NOT a family-friendly show by any means (most of the ones on this list aren’t, actually). It’s about a family who find themselves at the bad end of a deal-gone-wrong with a Mexican drug cartel. It’s like the upper-middle-class suburban family meets El Chapo. I wish there were more episodes already because holy smokes… I think I lost weight just from clenching my pillow and screaming, “WHAAATTT!”



This CW show is a light-and-easy one that’s all about Mary Queen of Scots. It’s got some historical facts woven in (yes, I googled all that while watching), but it’s definitely not completely true history. I like the main actress a lot for some reason – she really represents such a strong woman in Mary. The Queen of France (a Medici – which leads me to the next show…) is also a very powerful actress. I really have loved keeping up with this show during Corey’s nap times (on the rare occasion I can watch TV then). I’d recommend it as a “I want to take my mind of all the freakin’ laundry I have to do” show.

Medici: Masters of Florence

medici masters of florence

Another awesome show based on historical figures! I love the main actor because hello… GOT anyone?! Anywho… the acting in the show is pretty good, plus the story itself is extremely compelling. It tells all about the Medici family: their wealth, politics, rise to power, and struggle to maintain that power. The true pieces of history woven in are always a plus with me, too. Definitely an intriguing show!

The Last Kingdom

the last kingdom

Ohhhhh this main actor. He sure is purty. This show has had its ups and downs in regards to acting + “sayy whaat?” scenes, but overall, I love to watch a few episodes at a time when I’ve got the night to myself! It’s about Britain in the Dark Ages (Arthur, etc.) and the main character is a Norseman + a Brit. It’s a pretty interesting plot beginning with his somewhat “adoptive” father being murdered. It’s about loyalty, family, and cultural heritage.

The Crown

the crown

If I had to give a Best Cast Award to any show on Netflix, it would hands-down go to this one. The Crown is all about her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, from Day 1 and on. The main actress does a phenomenal job portraying the austere queen in all her glory. The show is very historically-based and gives you a backdrop to the current royal family. It begins immediately following WWII and includes a brilliantly-portrayed Winston Churchill. The characters are what make this show so intriguing. It may seem like a boring show to watch all about the monarchs, but I assure you, it is the exact opposite!

[I’m going to interrupt my “Binge-Worthy” list and insert my “Cringe-Worthy” list – I’m throwing this in the middle because I don’t want to begin or end with negative reviews. Is that weird? Just trying to stay positive, folks. These are just my opinions, too, so keep that in mind.]

Iron Fist

iron fist

This Marvel show started with a lot of promise, but I just couldn’t get past the first two episodes. It felt a little like the Christian Bale Batman when he’s being trained by Liam Neeson. If that’s yo thang, get ‘er done.

The Ranch

the ranch

I have to say that I watched only half of the first episode simply because I love the cast. I thought they were being ironic with the sitcom crowd laughing in the background honestly. I was expecting a darker show that had a lot of feeling, but instead it seemed like this one was just a country version of that 70’s show (which I loved btw). Maybe I’ll give it another try on another day, but for now… no thanks.

Continuing on with the Binge-Worthy list…

Making a Murderer

making a murderer

Okay, so I know everyone has heard of this one, but I had to put it on the list. It’s actually getting a second season! No idea what they’ll put in that one, but I’m gonna watch it! I loved this real-life documentary about a man who was “framed” for not one but two rape + murders in his hometown. I say “framed” with quotes because it could really be him or he could actually have been set-up. It’s a very binge-worthy show, so don’t watch it unless you can watch at least two episodes at a time!

The Keepers

the keepers netflix

If you liked Making a Murderer, then you’ll like this one, too. This show is all about the mysterious death of Sister Mary Catherine in the midst of a sexual abuse scandal at an all-girls Catholic school in New England. There’s not really much question left as to who-done-it (in my opinion). The two classmates who began the journey to find the Sister’s killer are two very remarkable and tenacious women hell-bent on finding the truth. Their grassroots movement has brought so many other dark secrets to life. This is a must-see, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

House of Cards

house of cards

This is another one that I know everyone knows about, but it’s a good one. Jon and I still need to catch up on a few seasons, so I have no idea where we stand just yet. I do remember that we both would find ourselves holding our breath at times watching this show. I just looooove Kevin Spacey! He’s a phenomenal actor who you learn to love + hate at the same time. The characters are very deep and the plot is even deeper (and darker). This is a great show to watch no matter if you’re watching one episode at the end of a long day or wanting to binge watch while you’re stuck in bed with the flu! Love it!

Friends from College

friends from college

I just started this show last week, and OMG hilarious! Keegan-Michael Key plays one of the main characters, and I have to admit, I could watch his facial expressions alone for hours. He cracks me up – like literally LOL-ing by myself during nap time to the point that I have to chastise myself so I don’t wake up Corey. It’s about 6 friends (from college, obvi) who come back together years later. They’ve kept in touch (some a little too in touch) and they’ve all gotten together to one-up the other and impress their friends. Now, they’re all back in the same city and (hilarious) stuff is about to go down.


gypsy netflix

If you want a super dark show, like dark, dark feels, then this is for you. I don’t think Jon would like it so much, but I’ve watched a few episodes on my own. I have to watch it at night though because otherwise I feel a little down during the day (I’m very emotional like that). It’s about a woman who finds herself completely bored with her suburban wife + mom + working life. She is a psychiatrist and in order to treat her patients, she gets a little too involved in their lives. She crosses a few boundaries that ought never to be crossed and finds herself weaving a very twisted web. Definitely a thriller!

Stranger Things

stranger things

Jon LOOOOOOVES this one, but I know lots of folks who don’t. I liked it at about 80%, you know? I’m not totally into E.T. type stuff, but this one did keep me on my toes. It’s about a small town group of braniac kids who stumble upon a troubled girl their age. Turns out she was used in science experiments at the local alien research facility deep in the woods. It’s all about life on the other side and aliens and mystery, but boyyyyy will it keep you guessing. It’s a lot of “sayyy whaattt?” right until the end of the last episode.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

gilmore girls a year in the life

If you’re not a GG fan, then clearly don’t watch this. If you are, you’ve probably seen it! I loved this 4-part series so much that I watched it all in one sitting (no idea where Corey was…). It’s SUCH an uplifting but honest show, and ohhh how I missed the girls’ quick-witted banter back-and-forth. Brought back some good memories.

Blue Bloods

blue bloods

This one holds a special place in my heart. I binged this one because it’s a feel-good, family show PLUS I loved all the scenes where the family is gathered around the dinner table (shocking, I know). I watched 6 seasons of this little gem while I was up all hours of the night/day with Corey when he was first born. It kept me sane, I’m pretty sure. Without it, who knows how [much] crazier I’d be. It’s a great show about a NYPD-full family. It’s like a lighter version of Law & Order, which I also loooooove, but with even more modern-day issues weaved in.

What are your thoughts on these shows? What are some shows you think are binge-worthy? I’ll take a good rec any day! Stay safe out there my south Texas folks, Harvey’s a’coming!

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Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

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