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baby shower

Life Lately Rule #395: Pregnancy brain is absolutely an acceptable excuse for every mistake women make in the third trimester. And even a little bit after. I’m so sorry I’ve been a bad little blogger lately, y’all. My brain is … Read More

Life Lately


Life Lately Rule #311: Being pregnant in the summer means you’re sweating for two.  I actually got dressed in something OTHER than maternity yoga pants + t-shirts TWICE in the past week. I’m tired just thinking about it again. It … Read More

Life Lately

vince camuto tie dress

Life Lately Rule #81: “Travel changes you.” – Anthony Bourdain It’s been crazy town around these here parts lately. Lots of cooking, shopping (sorry, not sorry), baseball, and new car buying! Here’s a little of our life lately. I was … Read More

Loving Lately

Loving Lately Rule #108: “But it was on sale!” is always a good excuse.  Here’s another round up of some of the things I’m loving lately… including some great shoes that Jon Boy loves that are on SALE right now! … Read More

Pregnancy Faves

i like to think wine misses me too

Pregnancy Faves Rule #298: Being pregnant means you’re shopping for two.   I’ve got a few new and a few old pregnancy favorites to share with y’all. I’ve linked up some of my favorite maternity clothes, supplements, and other goodies that … Read More