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Rule #311: Being pregnant in the summer means you’re sweating for two. 

I actually got dressed in something OTHER than maternity yoga pants + t-shirts TWICE in the past week. I’m tired just thinking about it again. It takes a lot of effort to get this Big Mama all dolled up these days, ya know. I’m trying to keep it casual and easy on myself, so I opt for maxi dresses (both of these below are not maternity) that have a lot of give in the tummy.


I still am in love with my earrings from J.J. Leigh Designs! They go with everything!


We finally transferred our Fiddleleaf Fig Tree (his name is Fernando because I love me some alliteration) to an indoor pot this week! We got him over 3 years ago from Amazon for just $12. He’s somehow survived being left on outside in freezes, 100+ degree heat, and not being watered for weeks on end. He’s a stubborn, resilient fella, so I figured it was time he got a Big Boy Pot and some AC.

Fiddleleaf Fig Tree ($12) | White Planter with Stand

fig tree

I did a little revamp in our dining room to close out the summer. I LOOOOVE the fall and decorating for it is my all time favorite. Give me all of the leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, hay bales, and cinnamon bark, y’all! Until then, I’ll just pretend I’m floating in that gorgeous picture with the sun on my face (and my biggo tummy).

 dining room decor

I am absolutely in loooove with this painting from Amazon! We have another Van Gogh canvas in the living room, and this particular piece just spoke to me. It said, “Look, Lilly! The summer you won’t be having this year because you + boats + bikinis don’t mix right now.” Just kidding! But I really do love the ‘summer vibe’ this piece has. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. 

The Sea at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer Van Gogh

I’ve also been updating and playing with this little nook in our dining room. Ever since we bought this console table, I’ve been really anxious about decorating it. It’s coming along, but I think we’ve still got room to grow. My goal is to one day make it more of a ‘bar cart’ area, but toddlers who love baseball do not make the best of friends with breakable decor. Not that I know from experience…

dining room decor

We recently took a road trip to Dallas to stay with Jon Boy while he worked his little tooshy off. We’ve never taken our new Suburban, named Adele because she’s a sassy Mama like me, on a road trip before. I can’t tell you the amazing weight that gets taken off your shoulders knowing you’re driving a reliable car. Poor Old Juanita wasn’t reliable at all anymore. She’d broken down on us one too many times. Plus, Adele comes with wireless headphones for the DVD player, so I’m a huge fan. So was Corey!

life lately

We had such a great time getting to see friends and have playdates and lunches and dinners, oh my! Corey got to experience Peek n Play for the first time. It was an absolutely GENIUS concept! It’s an indoor (eh hem – AIR CONDITIONED) play area that’s small enough so you can monitor everything going on, but big enough to keep kids entertained. They have a slide, ball pit, and all kinds of fun make believe play areas for the chillins to enjoy. I really, really hope they bring one of these bad boys to Houston.

corey douglas

Corey was especially in love with the ‘down time’ he got in the hotel when it involved headphones and the iPad. Jon Boy downloaded a couple of his favorite movies, so we could boot them up whenever we all needed a little quiet moment. I really love these headphones because they’re volume controlled, so little bits can’t accidentally blast the volume so loud that it causes permanent damage to those ear drums. They make his hair kind of stick up in an adorable way, too.

corey douglas

LilGadgets Connect Headphones

(Also – please excuse the dirty Teddy. He’s very… well loved.)

corey douglas

Jon Boy had to work longer than we were able to be in Dallas, so Corey and I were solo road trip buddies. Holy biscuits, y’all. Our usually 3 1/2 hour road trip turned into FIVE HOURS between Mr. Rage Attack in the backseat and Señorita Pees-a-Lot in the front.

Road trips with toddlers (pregnant or not) is a very tough business. So, like I mentioned before, I love Adele because of those wireless headphones. Worth every penny.

corey douglas

I think it’s safe to say Corey missed his sweet Penny girl though. She had a lot of fun at Nana and Grandpa’s house playing with her two cousin doggies.

corey and penny

Signing Corey up for his baseball class has been one of the best ‘activities’ we’ve ever done for him. It’s not like T-Ball (I don’t think we’re ready for that juuuuust yet), so the kids learn all the fundamentals of how to play ball. We went ahead and registered big man for the fall semester, so to celebrate, I naturally had to jump on the Crazy Mom Bandwagon and get a ‘Baseball Mom’ t-shirt from Magpie’s Gifts in Cypress.

magpie's gifts

Mr. Cool had to miss baseball class this week though because his little hiney was at SUMMER CAMP, baby! Mama got 3 days of kid-free time IN. A. ROW. He loves it so much because he gets to see his teachers + friends from this past school year. He’s been happy + exhausted + ready for bed by 7:00, so I’d say it’s been a successful week.

corey douglas

I’ve enjoyed the post summer camp snuggles, too.

corey douglas

A blogger friend of mine over at Strong Coffee to Red Wine suggested trying my Crock Pot Pork Chops with pork tenderloin instead of the pork chops. Ohhhhh boy was I a happy camper! The tenderloin was so, appropriately, tender and juicy! I loved it. I think I’m going to alternate between the pork chops and the tenderloin each time. I made two full tenderloins, so now I’ve got a ton of leftovers in the freezer!

crock pot pork

One of the occasions I got gussied up for this week was a fabulous girls’ night with some ladies from my MOPS group! We went to a great place in downtown Tomball called Bonfire Grill. I definitely recommend it, and I can’t wait to take Jon Boy back for a date night. It’s not the friendliest of place for kids FYI – more for an adults’ only situation. The food is absolutely divine though!

bonfire grill tomball

bonfire grill tomball

Only 50 more days until we meet Baby G #2!

(But who’s counting?)

baby want a cupcake

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