Be the Duck

To be the duck means to let things roll off your back just like the water rolls right off the back of those cute little feathered friends.

I Am Shirley


I am Shirley MacClaine the Sycamore Tree. I need to both grow my own roots and rely on the supports I have in order to thrive.

Life Lately

womens cardigan

Our Life Lately has been all about birthday celebrations (the big 3-5), yummy food, and good, busy schedules.

Life Lately

Our life lately has been full of birthday fun, back to school celebrations, and yummy food! I also linked up my new favorite outfit.

Teak Furniture Care


Rule #264: Instant gratification is a beautiful thing. There are very few things in life (especially as an adult) that yield instant gratification. When it comes to Teak Furniture Care, you get that PAT-ON-THE-BACK-BABY vibe right away! This was definitely … Read More