Pregnancy Faves

Pregnancy Faves

Rule #298: Being pregnant means you’re shopping for two.  

I’ve got a few new and a few old pregnancy favorites to share with y’all. I’ve linked up some of my favorite maternity clothes, supplements, and other goodies that are making pregnant life a little easier.

“I like to think wine misses me too” Maternity T-Shirt

 i like to think wine misses me too

I mean… this shirt kinda says it all. It’s a great fit, too! These slippers are a favorite both pregnant and not!

Snoogle Pregnancy Body Pillow | Pillowcase

pregnancy pillow

I can’t believe I went through my first pregnancy (or really just life in general) without this pillow. I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay in bed with us long after Baby G #2 is born. A friend of mine told me about this little gem and actually ended up buying it for me as a baby gift. I can’t even tell you how amazing this thing is! Normally when I’m pregnant, I have to sleep with about 5 pillows wedged in all sorts of places in order to get comfortable. This pillow takes the place of all 5: it curves under your head, in front of you so you can snuggle, and through your legs so you back stays in alignment. It’s truly magical.

Prenatal Vitamins

vital code raw prenatal vitamins

Over 1900 reviews on Amazon – 4.5 stars. I had a prescription prenatal when I was pregnant with Corey, and I feel like these do about the same job. I tried another brand from Amazon, and I don’t know how or why, but I could tell they weren’t doing quite as much for my body as these. I’m very happy with how I feel when I take these puppies (you take 3 a day – 1 with each meal).

Vital Proteins Collagen Protein Peptides

vital proteins collagen peptides

I’ve been taking these (1 scoop a day) for about four months now, and I can tell a MAJOR difference in my skin, hair, and nails. My skin feels clearer (minus the hormonal acne that pregnancy brings… thank you, Baby G #2), my nails are thicker and stronger, and my hair has a much healthier texture. I put 1 scoop of this in my coffee first thing in the morning. I’ve read that collagen is actually very good for pregnant women (think: stretch marks). Hopefully this helps my body adapt to the new parasite* growing inside of me.

*Parasite I’m already in love with.

Ovia Pregnancy App

 Ovia Pregnancy App

 I’ve used the Ovia apps (Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenthood) for a while now – since we tried for Mr. Corey back in the day. I love all of them for the detail, articles, and insight they give you. You can track your pregnancy by week, you get daily updates on what’s happening with your little human, and you can even get measurements for how big baby is each week. It’s a great app for the informational articles it includes. You can look up food + medication safety also, which has REALLY come in handy this pregnancy since my toddler is a walking petri dish of germs.

Essential Oils

essential oil allergy blend

Speaking of germs… we’ve had lots of congestion and gunk going on in our household, so we’ve been diffusing oils like crazy. I normally will ingest or roll-on oils when I’m sick, but with baby, that’s just not the greatest idea. I’ve been diffusing this allergy blend (lemon + peppermint + lavender) like crazy to combat the Houston craziness. Another great blend for this season of sniffly noses is (for DoTerra users) Melaleuca (Tea Tree oil) + On Guard. At night, I’ll diffuse lavender + rosemary to help soothe and calm us for a restful little sleep. When Corey is sick, I diffuse Melaleuca + lavender in his room to help break up the gunk.

Maternity Clothes


I definitely started wearing maternity clothes at just 8 weeks pregnant. I know that seems little ridiculous, but the second baby is a whole different ball game than the first. My body was like, “Ohhhh yeah! We know how to do this!” And then… POOF… belly. Luckily I look a little more pregnant nowadays instead of, “Hmmm… did she eat 18 tacos last night?” Here are a few of my favorite maternity pieces:

Pea in the Pod Maternity Tank Top

pea in the pod maternity tank top

Maternity Yoga Pants

maternity yoga pants

I LIVE in these pants. I love maternity jeans, leggings, and shorts, but yoga pants are EVERYTHING for me right now. With Corey already running around, my yoga pants allow me to move and jiggle and wiggle my way through the day while still being super comfy. Maternity jeans can sometimes fall throughout the day because there’s no button/zipper to hold them up and my belly’s (surprisingly) not big enough to hold them up just yet. These are by far my favorite maternity pants! Other pieces pictured: PulloverShoes

Jessica Simpson Maternity Jeans

jessica simpson maternity jeans

Jessica Simpson Maternity Jeans

jessica simpson maternity jeans 2

My sister-in-law gave me her maternity clothes to add to my collection, and these jeans have been by far my favorite pair! I get compliments on them all the time – even from ladies who aren’t pregnant! They’re super comfy and still fashionable. Plus, right now, Destination Maternity is running a BOGO 50% off sale for all jeans/pants!

Pink Blush Maternity Shop

pinkblush maternity

PinkBlush is by far my favorite maternity shop. I’ve got tons of pieces from their site, and I only purchased them when they went on sale! They run good deals all of the time, so definitely keep an eye out for them!

Maternity Spanx

maternity spanx

Definitely a necessity when it comes to looking and feeling good during pregnancy. They not only tuck and lift things that need tucking and lifting, they support your tummy so you don’t feel quite so… heavy. Love these things!

Here’s my first post about maternity clothes back when I was pregnant with Mr. Corey. If you have any favorites, I’d love to hear them!

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