Living that Quarantine Life

quarantine life

It doesn’t matter what day it is anymore! It could be Tuesday or Saturday. They’re all blending together honestly. I’m sharing what we’ve been doing to stay busy and sane during this past week of Quarantine Life.

Life Lately

IMG 5516

Life Lately Rule #80: Stupid is as stupid does. You’d think that given the fact that we haven’t left the house to do anything but drive around a few times that things would be pretty boring and quiet around here. … Read More

And Still My Heart Will Choose to Say

IMG 5224

And Still My Heart Will Choose to Say Rule #7: It’s okay to not be okay. I’ve used that rule before, but in very different circumstances. Today, I have to be honest: I am not okay. I’m sad. I’ve held … Read More

Coronavirus: Keep the Kids Busy

coronavirus keep the kids busy

Rule #233: Idle hands are the devil’s playground. What day is it? What month is it? What year is it? I honestly can’t keep track anymore. I think everyone is coping with this pandemic in their own, different ways. That’s … Read More