Living that Quarantine Life

Living that Quarantine Life

Rule #142: It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.

Today is Saturday, but it sure feel a lot like a Tuesday. I’ve all but given up on “Mommy School” and Corey’s checklist. It’s just been so much nicer to play, read books, do puzzles, watch TV, have some educational iPad time, and let it all go. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me. Either way… I wanted to share a little glimpse into what’s been going on with us lately!

We moved our pool party out front after the kids got tired of water time. I didn’t care to change, so I marched on out there in my swimmie! I had a few of y’all ask where it’s from. It’s La Blanca from Nordstrom, and I’ve had it for years. I LOVE it!

IMG 5962

We took the kids to the park last Sunday to get out of the house. It was absolutely gorgeous and just what we needed!

IMG 5945

We packed a little picnic, too! Brooke was much more interested in saying, “Hi!” to everyone passing by than eating. I think she’s starting to get tired of us…

IMG 5944

There’s no one else I’d rather be going insane with than this handsome feller. Also, sun’s out… guns out.

IMG 5943

Corey is the greatest, most patient and happy bike rider there is! Ha! It’s been a tough learning curve for him actually. He thinks he’s going to fall even when he’s got the training wheels on. He’s getting much better though!

IMG 5938

Little Brookie is still looking like a character from the Tiger King. That little chipped tooth is pretty good at social distancing. She’s still one cute nugget though.

IMG 5927

She’s also interested in doing everything that Corey does. She’s into baseball currently!

IMG 5959

A sweet friend of mine made this adorable set for little Brookie! Her shop is amazing! You have to check it out: Fireflies and Honeysuckle.

IMG 5951

She also made me these gorgeous cocktail napkins! I had to go with pineapples. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ‘M I right?

IMG 5952

The make my champagne look even prettier!

Fireflies and Honeysuckle pineapple coaster

A friend on Instagram posted about these bubbles, and y’all. They’re a game changer. No more spilled bubbles or having to stick your fingers down the dirty bubble jar to fish out the bubble wand. Gone are those days, my friends!

Easy Bubbles for Kids

You just twist off the top, squeeze the bear’s belly, and out pops a ready-to-blow bubble wand. These are the easiest bubbles for kids!

Easy Bubbles for Kids

Corey loves them! Brooke is slowly catching on, too.

Easy Bubbles for Kids

There are really no rules anymore. Jon Boy and Corey had some fun flying our little drone around the house last week. I was nearly impaled only twice, so I guess that’s a win!

drone in the house

Brooke has learned a fun new trick: unbuckling her seatbelt while we’re on the road! Hooray! I love that she’s so smart, but little lady is giving this Mama a run for her money.

brooke takes her seatbelt off

I got all dolled up last night to watch the kids play on the slip-and-slide! I am in LOVE with my new dress from Magpie’s Gifts! They’re doing online orders and in-store shopping at 25% capacity. They have so much cute stuff, and it’s free shipping over $99!

Magpie's Gifts camo dress

My old visor from last year finally bit the dust (RIP, brah). So, I went ahead and got two new ones. I love a good visor because you can still have your little pony poppin’ out but keep that mean ole sun off your face.

sun visor

I ordered one with a black rim and the other a khaki. I’m so wild, I know.

sun visors

Our caterpillars have finally become butterflies! It’s been a really cool process (this is coming from the girl who HATES science… give me a book or an essay to do any day). We did have one bite the dust. We decided that his name was Meat… in fact… he’s Dead Meat.

insect lore butterflies

Our old pool finally bit the dust, so we got a couple of new ones since it looks like this will be the extent of our beach vacation this year. Corey’s already loving his Dinosaur Themed Pool. It sprays water from two different areas, has a basketball net, and gives Mama some much needed peace. Worth every little penny.

inflatable pool dinosaurs

We ordered this little round pool, and I have to be honest, I was hoping it would be bigger. I’m not much for “reading” or “measurements” when I order things. I should really learn to look at the fine print!

inflatable pool

You know I can’t do a post without talking about food. It’s just in my DNA to obsess about it. We’ve been living that Low Carb Quarantine Life lately. Last Sunday, Jon Boy grilled burgers. Since HEB wasn’t making guacamole back then, we just used some Wholly Guacamole on our burgers. Add in a few roasted potatoes and a biggo salad, and our bellies were quite happy. Oh! And my new secret recipe: mix ketchup with sriracha. Best. Sauce. Ever. But shh… don’t tell anyone. It’s our little secret.

IMG 5967

On the nights I’m too tired to cook, we will usually order in something healthy and fast. Willie’s Grill has been a big go to! My favorite is their Blackened Salmon with roasted veggies. So delicious and honestly is enough for two meals. Does anyone else feel like a super hero when they order to go? Like, “Look at me! I’m saving the economy one quart of queso at a time!”

Willie's Grill and Icehouse Blackened Salmon

Another go-to has been these Flat Out wraps with turkey, cheese, shredded lettuce and carrots, and mayo. The wraps come in under 300 calories and super low carb! I made Tangy Herb Coleslaw for dinner one night, and it keeps in the fridge so well! We ate on it for days.

Flatout Wrap with Turkey and Tangy Herb Coleslaw

I recently asked y’all on Instagram for your input on sunscreen. Y’all all gave such great recommendations, so I wanted to pass them along:

face sunscreen
body sunscreen

Cheers to Tuesday! Or Friday! Or… nevermind. Hang in there, folks! Live your best Quarantine Life.

I hope you’ve found something to enjoy in this Living that Quarantine Life post!

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