First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! My favorite holiday has arrived! Cheers to turkey, mashed taters, family, friends, and enjoying a delicious meal while relishing in what we’re all so thankful for this year.

I know most ladies don’t need help trying to think of things they’d like to have during the holiday season. BUT I wanted to add maybe a couple more ideas to their lists. Whether you’re looking for ideas for yourself, your sister, your bestie, or your favorite neighbor, I hope that you can find a couple of lovelies here.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

My in-laws gave me this for Christmas, and I’ve looooved it ever since! It hasn’t stretched out, faded, or pilled. It’s one of the most comfortable cardigans I’ve ever had. I honestly wouldn’t mind another color because it comes in 8 different ones!

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan

Kennebunk Home Bliss Plush Throw ($40)

Gimme allllllll the comfort. This gorgeous throw comes in 17 different colors, so you can get the one for your gal that’s closest to her heart. Or at least her color scheme. BONUS: it’s machine washable.

Kennebunk Home Bliss Plush Throw

Sugar Nude Lip Treatment

A great stocking stuffer ($24) for the ladies who love their lips. I’m slightly obsessed with this line because my lips used to always get chapped + cracked + peel when I used Burt’s or EOS or any other brand of lip treatment. This is the first one I’ve used that’s actually helped nourish my lips. It comes in 11 different shades, but the Sugar Nude is a great baseline tint.

Fresh Sugar Nude Tinted Lip Treatment

I mean, really? Wine + State Pride? It’s always a good idea.

Cathy’s Concepts Home State Wine Glasses (4 for $52)Cathys Concepts Home State Wine Glasses

Volupsa Maison Travel Tin Candles (4 for $32)

I love giving candles as gifts because they tend to be items that are more of a ‘luxury’ than things we’ll buy for ourselves. These are just travel candles, but they do the job just fine for the price! This brand is a great brand for girly candles that make ya feel all fancy-pearls-and-heels even if you’re in your bunny slippers and fuzzy robe.

Volupsa Maison Travel Tin Candles

Bath bombs are a fantastic gift if your lady loves to take baths. Or even if she doesn’t, she probably will after she has these lovelies. My favorite bath bombs actually come from Whole Foods, but these guys from Amazon have awesome reviews, too. They fizz + dissolve away in your bath to give off spectacular scents. Most of them have some kind of benefit for your body, too (detox, relax, stress relief, etc.).

Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs (6 for $22)

Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set

I’ve heard RAVE reviews about this line, particularly this mask. It’s on my own Wish List, and it would be an awesome stocking stuffer for the gal in your life (or for you).

Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Clay Mask

Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Clay Mask

I know not everyone is down with Essential Oils, but if they are, this is a fantastic diffuser. We have this exact one in our kitchen, and it’s lasted for over a year now (we run in twice daily). You can’t beat the price, and the benefits of essential oils can’t be beat either. If you think I’m crazy, check out this post, and then you’ll think I’m even crazier.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

I know, I know… these are ‘sooooo last year’, BUT just in case you or your gal don’t have a pair of these ladies, you should remedy that this year. I know $150 is slightly insane to spend on rain boots, but these will last you a lifetime. I scuffed mine up trying to retrieve trash from a build site near our home (definitely face planted in the mud – it wasn’t pretty). I just used a little buffing cleaner and voila! Good as new. These come in a ton of colors, too.

Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots

I’d say my ‘thumb’ was more faint yellow-green than green, but I always love a good planter. These are pretty chic and adorable though, and perfect for your lady’s desktop. You can plant succulents, air plants, or even faux plants to give off that chic-but-still-green-thumb vibe you’re going for.

Desktop Planter for Succulents or Air Plants

Desk Size Planter

I have two of these that I’ve gotten as gifts, and I couldn’t live without them. I carry one in my purse and one in the diaper bag because well… Golden Retriever hair is relentless. The spin open + close so they fit discreetly wherever you need them and come in handy in all kinds of situations. They’d be a great stocking stuffer!

Reusable Lint Roller Portable Retractable

Reusable Lint Roller Portable Retractable

A good nail polish set is always a good idea, too. Butter London put together some of their best colors as a gift set, and I’m pretty sure I’d wear all of these colors at once if I could. The case they come in is adorable, too.

Butter London Playing Favorites Nail Set (6 for $36)

Butter London Playing Favorites Nail Set

Along those same lines, a basecoat + topcoat aren’t a bad gift idea either! Butter London redesigned their formulas so that your [or your lady’s] nails will stay stronger + last longer than before.

Butter London Patent Gel Basecoat and Topcoat

Butter London Patent Gel Basecoat and Topcoat

Not exactly sure that the ‘Vegan’ part of this title matters to you, but this bag is really adorable. It comes in two colors, and it even comes with a removable insert that can double as a clutch (with a strap itself). Super cute!

Urban Originals ‘Masterpiece’ Perforated Vegan Leather Tote

Urban Originals Masterpiece' Perforated Vegan Leather Tote

Twine & Twig Necklaces

I’ve just recently discovered this line, and I can’t stop obsessing over each piece. Twine & Twig is such a unique shop full of gorgeous pieces made from natural materials. A few of these are on my Christmas List this year – I’m just crossing my fingers I’m off the ‘Naughty’ List.

Gray Layer Necklace Set ($115)

twine & twig gray layer necklace set

Twine & Twig Layers Necklace Set ($60)

Twine & Twig Layers Necklace Set

Tassel Horse Hair Necklace ($145)


Twine & Twig Long Classic Necklace ($165)

Twine & Twig Long Classic Necklace

 Silk Pillowcases

I have three of these myself that I rotate between. Silk pillowcases are a great gift because they keep your skin + hair a little purtier as you sleep. Traditional cotton pillowcases are a little harsher causing your hair to break easier during your ZZZ time. The silk doesn’t get hot, so there’s no fear of sweating your way through Dreamland. I actually got them as a gift from a local boutique that I’m IN LOVE WITH (Magpie’s Gifts). If you don’t live in Houston, here are a couple of options with varying prices but great reviews:

Drybar Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase ($45) – Nordstrom

Drybar Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase

Alaska Bear Silk PIllowcase ($19) – Amazon

Alaska Bear Silk PIllowcase

The BEST tea EVER! Okay, that’s just my opinion. But, this tea is delicious and super comforting. It has a not-too-sweet flavor that comes at the end of your cup that warms your belly and your soul. This is a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a teacher/co-worker/friend/me. Seriously, feel free to send me some. I’m almost out.

Aveda Comforting Tea

Aveda Comforting Tea

Gotta love a good bunch of cute lookin’ socks. This collection is called the 12 Days of Socks from the Red Dot Boutique [Target] – I love that name btw. Just learned it from my friend, and I literally said, “Waiiiit. What store is that?” They also have a Star Wars, DC Comics, and Winter set of socks.

Target 12 Days of Socks ($15)

Target 12 Days of Socks

I’m not the greatest when it comes to wearing an eye mask, but I’m starting to realize the benefits of one. This one has a ton of rave review on Nordstrom, so it’s gotta be pretty handy. It’s meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles + fine lines, but I’d be happy with it blocking out any light in the room completely (like the glow from a football game, let’s say…).

Glow Beauty Boosting Eye Mask ($25)

Glow Beauty Boosting Eye Mask

I’d love to know some of your favorite gift ideas for the gals in your life! [Or maybe what you’re hoping Santa will bring you this year.]

I’ll be posting a few gift guides this week in honor of Black Friday + Cyber Monday. I thought I’d start with a Gift Guide for the Foodie + Hostess since Thanksgiving is just a few days away (Hoooooray for my favorite holiday of the year!) Gimme all the stretchy pants and mashed taters.

This is by FAR my favorite gift guide to put together! Gahhhh! I obsess over things like this on the daily, so trying to narrow it down to my faves was quite an ordeal. These items are from all the different stores where I get my foodie finds. Some of these are things I already own and others are on my Wish List. HINT HINT Santa!

Williams Sonoma Marble and Copper Board with Knife (On sale for $40 right now)

This would be an adorable hostess gift or a gift for someone who loooooves some cheese. The knife that comes with it is so cute and perfect for all different kinds of cheesy wonders. I love me a good cheese board.

Williams Sonoma Marble and Copper Board with Knife

Terrafirma 8″ Serving Bowl

I discovered this shop (Open Door Shop) a while back and tried visiting during our vacation to Charleston this summer. They were actually out-of-town that whole week, so I never got to go inside! Jon Boy was happy because that meant the credit card stayed safely in his wallet, but I was slightly devastated. They have tons of unique pieces that are timeless and simply gorgeous!


Marigold Artisans Set of 3 Braid Cheese Knives ($19)

These are gorgeous and would make a perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

Marigold Artisans Set of 3 Braid Cheese Knives

Calivirgin Sampler Award Winning Olive Oils + Balsamic Vinegar ($32)

I love me some good olive oil. I have a few in my pantry at the moment (green chile + truffle to name a few). Specialty oils and the aged balsamic vinegar in this set would be perfect for your foodie friend or family.

Calivirgin Sampler Winning Balsamic Vinegar

Immersion (Hand) Blenders

These are fantastic for making soups [and tons of other things, but my coffee hasn’t kicked in to go into detail]. Instead of having to transfer hot soup into a blender to get that texture you want, you just plop one of these bad babies into the pot, hit a button, and let ‘er rip. I actually have a Cuisinart one from 2010 when my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had to have a colostomy bag which meant his foods had to be puréed for a while, hence the need for one of these fellas. It still works perfectly, and I’ve actually used it twice in the past week if that tells you how handy they are. They don’t make a mess when blending because the blending mechanism goes to the bottom of the pot (no splashing/food everywhere moments). The actual part that goes in the soup and gets dirty is dishwasher safe, too!

Cuisinart Immersion (Hand) Blender ($35)

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Cuisinart Immersion (Hand) Blender with Whisk + Chopper Tools ($47)

Cuisinart Immersion (Hand) Blender with Whisk + Chopper Tools

Dutch Ovens

I talk about these all the time in my recipes, and I won’t tell you how many I own. It’s slightly embarrassing. I’ve hidden them strategically so Jon Boy has no clue about my obsession. I use them almost daily in place of regular skillets because they transfer heat better, so you get a much more even cooking temperature. They’re also great for developing the fond (yummy brown stuff) that’s left behind after sautéing or browning things. They also transfer straight to the oven, so no more “let me pour this into the casserole dish hoping not to spill it everywhere and in the process burn myself” moves. Just throw ‘er into the cooking cave. I’ve owned 3 Lodge Dutch ovens, and they’ve all lasted at least 5 years. A Le Creuset is a major family heirloom type gift, but they will last you a lifetime if you love them well.

Lodge 6-Quart Dutch Oven ($50) – lots of color + sizing options

Lodge Dutch Oven

Le Creuset 7-1/4-Quart Dutch Oven ($368) – comes in tons of colors!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Wooden Spoons

Alllllll righty then. So this one time, I heard some fool on the radio talking about, “Who uses wooden spoons anymore? Seriously?” ME, YOU FOOL. Me and every other person who loves their cookware + to make their food even better. My reasons why wooden spoons are the only option are threefold:

ONE: They don’t scratch the bottom of your pans. Particularly the lovelies above.

TWO: They scrape up the FOND (pretty brown flavor bits) at the bottom of your pan better than silicone or metal utensils.

THREE: Because Mario Batali said so one time on The Chew, so that means it’s gospel, folks.

Any questions? But really, wooden spoons are the way to go. Worth every penny and every bit of hand washing. They’ll also last you a lifetime if you love them well.

Williams Sonoma Olivewood Cook’s Spoon ($17) – MY FAVE SPOON –

Williams Sonoma Olivewood Cook's Spoon

Williams Sonoma Olivewood Spoon Set (4 for $80)

Williams Sonoma Olivewood Spoon Set

OXO Steel Garlic Press ($20)

This is usually the way I ‘mince’ my garlic when I’m cooking. You just smash your garlic clove with a knife or the edge of this fella, take off the paper, and then press it through the holes of this magnificent invention. The garlic ends up as minced [pressed] as it can get, so you don’t end up with chunks of garlic. This little gem is dishwasher safe and would be an adorable stocking stuffer.

OXO Steel Garlic Press

Olivewood Salt Well/Keeper

I got this as a gift yearrrrrrrrs ago, and I absolutely love it! I just fill it with Kosher salt every so often and then my salt is ready-to-go in a safe [but still cute] storage container. The lid slides on-and-off easily but keeps the salt well sealed. For those folks who live in Houston, you know that salt can go ‘bad’ easily because of the humidity (i.e. it clumps). That won’t happen with this little fella. you can also get it monogrammed like mine (see below).

Olivewood Salt Keeper Williams Sonoma

Here’s my pretty little lady. Ain’t she cute?

Olivewood Salt Well Keeper

Goblets from Hearth + Home at Target ($7 each)

I can’t even, Chip + Jo. I can’t. You’ve gotten me. And now you’re at TARGET?! I narrowly escape the other day with just two of their items, but I really, like REALLY want some of these goblets. How stinkin’ cute? These would be a great gift for newlyweds, college kids, or anyone who loves a good goblet. The etching makes them perfect for a holiday tablescape, too.

X-Patterned Goblet Hearth and Home Target

Williams Sonoma Striped Dish Towels (4 for $20)

These are hands down the BEST dish towels I’ve ever had. The price isn’t so bad for the quality you get. I’m pretty rough on my little dish towels (sorry, fellas), and these have lasted me for over two years with no signs of stopping. They come in tons of colors, too!

Williams Sonoma Classic Striped Dish Towels


Pioneer Woman Come and Get It Cookbook ($19)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I LOOOOOVE Pioneer Woman. She’s my BFF, in case you didn’t know. Her cookbooks are perfect for all cooking levels of expertise. She explains things perfectly and her recipes always turn out fantastic. Plus, this cookbook in particular has recipes that take 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or for those that take even longer. There’s a ton to look at because her pictures are just gorgeous!

Pioneer Woman Come and Get It Cookbook

Texas Slow Cooker Cookbook

This little gem is full of delicious recipes made for your Crock Pot or Slow Cooker or, as I like to say, My Favorite Friend on Wednesdays (HELLOOOOO Crock Pot Wednesdays!). The author is a James Beard Award winning cookbook author, and there’s a recipe for slow cooker MAC AND CHEESE, y’all. Winner, Winner, Crock Pot Dinner.


Here are some other favorite cookbooks of mine: CLICK HERE.

Cathy’s Concepts Monogram Tablet Holder

It may be called a ‘tablet’ holder, but it would also be great for cookbooks for those of us who are a little old fashioned like that. I love the rope accent with the white stripe. The monogram makes it even better!

Cathy's Concepts Monogram Tablet Holder

What are some of YOUR favorite foodie gifts?