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Astros Baseball

Life Lately Rule #248: Baseball season is the best season. It’s officially here, y’all: baseball season. You’d think it was like Christmas all over again. Corey’s super pumped. Jon Boy is super pumped. And Brookie and I are just in … Read More

Corey: The Astros’ Batting Stance Kid

Corey Astros Batting Stance Kid

Rule #194: Expect the unexpected. I think I’m still pinching myself after over two months of this crazy story. For those of you who may not know, our son, Corey, was in a video that went viral in August. I’m … Read More

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astros game

Life Lately Rule #263: You know you’re over 30 when a great staycation includes an 8 o’clock bedtime. Life has been pretty busy lately, and this pregnancy has got my tail whipped (or could that be my crazy toddler…).We got … Read More