Life Lately

Life Lately

Rule #263: You know you’re over 30 when a great staycation includes an 8 o’clock bedtime.

Life has been pretty busy lately, and this pregnancy has got my tail whipped (or could that be my crazy toddler…).We got to take Corey to his very first Astros’ baseball game, and to say he’s excited would be a very, very gross understatement. The game started at 1:10, which means that we were really messing with big guy’s very necessary nap time. He did awesome though and even lasted until the 7th inning!

astros game

Being pregnant and wrangling a toddler at an MLB game would have been impossible without this man! We tag-teamed everything from diaper changes to hot dog runs to entertaining the big guy. My mom gave us the tickets for Easter and upgraded us to the Club Level. I’m pretty spoiled now, and I’m really not sure I’ll ever be able to sit anywhere else. And can I also say that after growing up going to Rangers’ games at the Ballpark in Arlington (an outside stadium with no roof), I FREAKING LOVE Minute Maid Park! Praise the Lord for shade and A/C. Texas is just wayyyy too hot for baseball games to be played outdoors.

astros game

Those lips. That chubby hand clutching his new price: Orbit. The red cheeks. This was hands-down one of our favorite days with this sweet Astros fan.

astros game

We got to see Baby G Numero 2’s feet (amongst other things) at our last doctor’s appointment. It was the BIG one – the 20 week anatomy scan. We had a lot of fun seeing the profile of Baby G #2, as well as the heart, arms, legs, and cute little feet. We didn’t find out the gender though… that will come when he/she makes his/her appearance in September. I’m working on a post that describes how we’re preparing for a ‘neutral’ baby nursery! Hopefully that will come in the next couple of weeks.

baby feet

Speaking of make-your-belly-full… I finally hit the halfway mark of this pregnancy! Hallelujah! It’s been a tough road, so I’m grateful to be on the downhill slide (only 116 more days, but who’s counting?). Also, I’m officially retiring all of my maternity jeans. Summer + Houston + Pregnant Lady do not a good combination make. Time for shorts + swimmies.

pregnant belly

I recently found the new Magnolia Table cookbook at Costco for a pretty good price. It’s really hard for me to say no to a cookbook. It’s kind of an addiction if I’m being honest. BUT – if I had the chance to go back, I’d probably leave this one on the shelf. I love me some Joanna Gaines, but the recipes are all pretty heavy. I was hoping for more of a farm-to-table, vegetable-heavy cookbook. Instead, it’s a lot of comfort food, stick-to-your-ribs, make-your-belly-full recipes. If that’s what you’re wanting, then this is a great book for you!

magnolia table

Jon Boy and I got to sneak away for a quick staycation in Downtown Houston. We had a free night at any Hyatt we wanted, so we chose to checkout D-Town H-Town. We knew Dallas/Ft. Worth pretty well after living there for the majority of our adult lives (and for me my whole life); however, we haven’t done much exploring around Houston. (Something about moving, raising a toddler, and being pregnant… I dunno.)

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Houston Downtown, close to a few really fun restaurants and bars. We went down to Guadalajara’s and had an awesome lunch for Cinco de Mayo. We were too pooped to head out for dinner, so we ended up eating at Shula’s Steakhouse which is inside the hotel. It was kind of a great thing we were pooped too, because I definitely left my nice dress at home. I don’t think those fancy places like it when you show up in maternity yoga pants and flip flops, huh?

  hyatt regency houston

The hotel (ironically) had a free bottle of chilled Chardonnay waiting for us when we got back from lunch. You better believe we packed that puppy up and took ‘er home with us! I cooked with it the following week, and it was pretty dang tasty! Recipe coming soon: Wine(y) Lemon Chicken!

hyatt regency houston

We didn’t take a single picture together the entire time. We just enjoyed being still… just the two of us… just being relaxed, full on good food, and embracing the quiet. We woke up late (8 o’clock babyyyyy), had coffee in bed, and I worked on a crossword while Jon Boy watched sports recaps. It was the perfect staycation for two tired parents!


I loooooooove to garden. Like big-rimmed-hat-sporting, kneeling-pad-using, dirty-glove-wearing garden. Jon Boy says we’ll put in a few raised beds next year for some veggies and herbs. For now, this little collection is all I’ve got! BUT I tell you what. Planting herbs is worth every bit of time and money it takes. It saves me soooo much moolah at the grocery store. For the price of 1 bunch of seeds or seedling, I would get about 2 tbs. of fresh herbs at the store. They’re very easy to keep up with, too. I just keep them in a place that gets about 6 hours of sunlight a day, and I water them thoroughly twice a week.

They used to sit on our outdoor fridge, but Jon Boy wasn’t a fan of that (I wonder why… me watering my plants + all the electrical stuff in the back of the fridge… hmm…). We got this table as a little alternative for now:

Outdoor Side Table | $30

herb garden

I’ve been doing a [very] little cooking lately. We’ve been diggin’ some:

 Roasted Brussels Sprouts

roasted brussels sprouts

Easy Roasted Red Potatoes

easy roasted red potatoes

Pasta e Fagioli

[freezer friendly!]

pasta e fagioli


Homemade Biscuits with Sausage Gravy

(biscuit recipe here – I substituted butter for shortening; sausage gravy recipe here)

easy biscuits

This Mama was a very, very happy camper!

easy biscuits and gravy

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been pretty pumped about the sale Nordstrom had for Jack Rogers jelly sandals! I now own three pairs, and I’m definitely considering a fourth. Judge me. Go ahead.

I’ve had this pair for about a year, and they’re very versatile. I can wear them out on a casual date night, to the pool, or just to walk to the park. And… apologies in advance for my swollen, pregnant feet.

Jack Rogers ‘Georgica’ Jelly Flip Flops – Multi Jelly (5 more colors) | $45

jack rogers georgica jelly flip flops

I also have them in Midnight/White Fabric!

jack rogers georgica jelly flip flop midnight navy

jack rogers georgica jelly flip flop midnight navy

Bone + White Leather – (9 colors) | $50

jack rogers georgica jelly flip flops

jack rogers georgica jelly flip flops

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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