Best Baby Buys: Round 2

What to Buy for Baby

Rule #178: Babies need stuff. It’s almost impossible to put together the ultimate list of what to buy for baby. Every kiddo + parent is different. After preparing for two babies now, we’ve gotten a little wiser (and I emphasize … Read More

Gender Neutral Baby Prep

gender neutral nursery

Rule #184: Planning for a surprise means… lots of planning.  The most common response I get when I tell people we’re waiting to find out the gender of Baby G #2 until he/she is born is, “Oh gosh. How could … Read More

Life Lately

34 weeks pregnant

Β Rule #120: When your bags are packed and you’re ready to go… time passes slowly. It’s all about counting down to baby around here these days! I’m 35 weeks along now, and Mr. Corey was born at 37 (a whopping … Read More

Pregnancy #2 + Grief

me and jimmy

Rule #7: It’s okay to not be okay.  I’ve debated for months about writing and publishing this post. I’ve brooded over it, edited it, and debated scrapping the whole thing altogether. BUT. I’m a big believer in turning lemons into … Read More

Life Lately

baby shower

Rule #395: Pregnancy brain is absolutely an acceptable excuse for every mistake women make in the third trimester. And even a little bit after. I’m so sorry I’ve been a bad little blogger lately, y’all. My brain is functioning at … Read More