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Life Lately

┬áRule #120: When your bags are packed and you’re ready to go… time passes slowly.

It’s all about counting down to baby around here these days! I’m 35 weeks along now, and Mr. Corey was born at 37 (a whopping 8 lb. 15 oz. by the way). I’m hoping we’re getting close to meeting our sweet Baby G #2!

34 weeks pregnant

We got to see his/her sweet, kissable lips on the last ultrasound we’ll have before we meet baby in person!

baby g numero 2

I finished packing my bag for the hospital, the baby’s bag is packed, and the carseat is in the truck! We are ready to do this thing, y’all. I’m having fun hearing about all of your recommendations for what to bring to the hospital on my Insta Stories! It’s so fun to hear what everyone packs. I’m especially liking that so many of you are suggesting alcohol as part of my suitcase. Y’all know me well.

bag packed for hospital c section

I even got back to my “natural” (cough) hair color last week. I’m blonde and ready for baby now!


Our sweet friends gave us a Target gift card so we could buy Baby G #2 whatever he/she needs. I thought he/she needed some Harry Potter gear, so I snagged these two adorable rompers. I’m going to make them work whether we have a boy or a girl. A bow makes everything better, right?

harry potter at target

I’m so shocked by the number of women I’ve heard from who’ve told me they had carpal tunnel with their pregnancies, too! I posted this pic on Instagram, and the response y’all had was truly overwhelming. It’s not a fun side effect of pregnancy… that’s for sure! My stylish little accessory here is kind of clashing with my maternity yoga pants + Jon Boy’s t-shirts. I’m really gunning for The Most Fashionable Woman Who Can Barely Waddle Around the House Award. Also… O’Doul’s… I’m over you.

Jon Boy was Super Dad last weekend: he took Corey to not one, but TWO birthday parties all on his own! They were both very pooped by the end of the day, but little bits here had such a great time. He was a party animal!

jon boy and corey

He even made this super cool Ryder mask (from Paw Patrol) at his cousin’s birthday party. It’s amazing how the little things like this mean more than any $25 party favor off Pinterest. Note to self for this year’s birthday bash.

corey douglas

After almost two full years in this house, we FINALLY painted our master bedroom! I. Am. In. LOOOOOOVE. Our walls throughout the whole house were painted Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I actually love the color, but our bedroom needed a little sassy pop of color. We also painted the tray ceilings so they’d be a bit more dramatic. I was very, very nervous about doing that, but I am so happy with the result!

The color we chose for the bedroom is Sherwin Williams Endless Sea.

sherwin williams endless sea

I’ll take better pictures once things settle down (we’re in full-on BABY PREP MODE: DEFCON 1). I love how the paint color coordinates with the bedding, lamps, furniture, and metals in the room. I dig it.

sherwin williams endless sea

As part of BABY PREP MODE: DEFCON 1, I’ve been making and storing a TON of freezer friendly food. I made a huge batch of Pioneer Woman’s Meatballs, froze two huge Ziploc freezer bags full, and had just enough for dinner for Jon Boy and myself. See the recipe for Swedish Meatballs here!

swedish meatballs

I’m also planning on making/freezing:

Slow Cooker Loaded Baked Potato Soup

slow cooker loaded baked potato soup

Slow Cooker Hearty Lentil Stew (recipe coming soon)

‘Halloween’ Chili

halloween chili

Click Here for More Freezer Friendly Food

aaaaaaand since my husband decided to go on a MAJOR FREAKING DIET during the whale-iest parts of my pregnancy, we’re trying out a new recipe this week:

Keto Bacon Ranch Chicken

I’m planning on serving it with cauliflower rice for Jon Boy and good ole steamed white rice for big mama here.

34 weeks pregnant

We had a great (low carb of course for Mr. Jon Boy) taco bowl night last week. I tried a new recipe for cilantro-lime cauliflower rice! I’m going to be posting it soon because it’s an awesome spin on the low carb cauli rice we’ve heard about over-and-over-and-over before.

taco bowl

HEB wins every time. I cannot be allowed to go through their floral section unattended any longer. I found this cute little fella the last time I was there… $6 for such a sweet little succulent AND it’s called a Teddy Bear Cactus (supposedly). The woman who sold me on it clearly read all of my pregnancy hormones correctly. I almost got this cute little thing a blanket + a bottle before singing “Twinkle, Twinkle”. I can’t be allowed back there, y’all. Seriously.

teddy bear cactus

Happy Monday, y’all!

funny pregnancy meme

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