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This past week was a tough one to put it mildly. Thursday (October 19th) was the 2nd anniversary¬†of my brother’s death. (Anniversary is a¬†weird word to use because I like to think of anniversaries as happy times). Anywho, Corey and … Read More

An Unexpected Journey

an unexpected journey

An Unexpected Journey This is a SUPER picture-loaded post, my friends. Apologies for that in advance! It’s been a very emotional, intense week for us which is why I haven’t posted in so long. An unexpected death in our family … Read More

The Basis of Fear: Anxiety + Depression

The Basis of Fear: Anxiety and Depression

The Basis of Fear: Anxiety + Depression You wanna hear a dirty word? Here it is: ANXIETY. That’s right. I said it. Anx-EYE-eh-TEE. A lot of people have already stopped reading, so if you’re still here, thank you. I think … Read More

Life Lately

burroughs park

Our sweet Osa went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. If you haven’t heard of the Rainbow Bridge, you’ve got to read the poem here. She was starting to whimper in pain and could hardly breathe because of all the … Read More

“Soon, Grasshopper, Soon”


[Just a disclaimer – this is personal and very raw. It’s definitely not a light-hearted post. However, I think it represents my brother the best way I know how to.] It’s been one year since we lost Jimbo. It feels … Read More