I Am Shirley


I am Shirley MacClaine the Sycamore Tree. I need to both grow my own roots and rely on the supports I have in order to thrive.

The Guitar


The Guitar is a lesson on words of wisdom communicated to me from my Daddy. He didn’t have to say a word, just play his guitar.

Pineapple House Rules


This post explains the meaning behind Pineapple House Rules: love, resilience, and joy. The Pineapple means there is joy in every day.

And Still My Heart Will Choose to Say

IMG 5224

And Still My Heart Will Choose to Say Rule #7: It’s okay to not be okay. I’ve used that rule before, but in very different circumstances. Today, I have to be honest: I am not okay. I’m sad. I’ve held … Read More

The Longest Five Days of Our Lives

brooke marie

Rule #216: It’s okay to go to the dark place until the light shines through.

The past five days were the longest of our lives up until this point. If you know our family, you know that’s saying something. We have been on a roller coaster of emotions all surrounding our sweet Brooke. We are happy to say we are full of joy and not grief as we received good news about her health yesterday!