Aunt Joann Cubbies

Rule #215: “Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” – Mitch Albom We recently went to Chicago to celebrate the life of the matriarch of my family, my Great Aunt Joann. She was known mostly for … Read More

Life Lately

girls weekend

Life Lately Rule #167: Sometimes, it’s best to just buy a new one. We’ve been busy, busy but making some pretty great memories around here. I got to run away for a girls’ weekend with my best friends, was showered … Read More

God Winks

God Winks

Rule #22: Flossie knows what’s up.

My Great Grandma, Flossie, used to say, “Whether the sky is blue or grey, there is always something to love or laugh at or smile at each and every day.” I think she was onto the secret of happiness in this sometimes crazy, difficult, painful, and confusing life.

God Winks are those love drops we need to remind us that we’re not alone and that there is truly good and beauty in every day.

Brooke’s Baptism


Rule #90: Sometimes in order to make lemonade, you’ve gotta make your own sugar first.

Our sweet Brookie was baptized this past Sunday surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Now, January 20th holds a special place in our hearts for two very, very different reasons. One is this pretty girl’s baptism, and the other is the anniversary of my sweet Daddy’s death.

Pregnancy and Grief

me and jimmy

Pregnancy and Grief Rule #7: It’s okay to not be okay.  I’ve debated for months about writing and publishing this post. I’ve brooded over it, edited it, and debated scrapping the whole thing altogether. BUT. I’m a big believer in … Read More