Weekly Meal Plan

Swedish Meatballs

Rule #186: If you think about your next meal while you’re eating your current one, you are my friend for life.

I’m sharing our weekly meal plan for the upcoming week today! I’ve linked every recipe I have plus some of the products we love and restaurants we order delivery from!

Life Lately and Weekly Meal Plan

family beach trip

Life lately has been crazy busy but full of fun, friends, family, and good food! Im sharing details from our trips, including what we ate and wore, plus our weekly meal plan!

Weekly Meal Plan 5

roasted beets with dijon vinaigrette and goat cheese

Rule #281: If Plan A fails, don’t worry. There are 25 more letters in the alphabet.

Things are starting to finally settle into a ‘groove’ around here (totes just jinxed myself), so I’m doing my best to meal plan to keep the chaos at a minimum. At least in one department. Here’s whats on the menu this week.

Life Lately and Weekly Meal Plan

Polar Express Train

Life Lately and Weekly Meal Plan Rule #240: Christmas is better through the eyes of kiddos. Christmas is in full swing now, and it’s been so magical this year already. Corey is finally old enough to understand and participate in … Read More