Weekend Recap

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Weekend Recap This weekend was a great change of pace for us. Things have been a little hairy these days with work stress and the like. You know – life. No biggie. We still had a great time with friends … Read More

Scenes from the Weekend

corey douglas

Scenes from the Weekend We got such a great surprise this week! Our “Aunt Mo” [my bestie] came to visit on a whim! We got to hang out with her Thursday night, then we headed out to shop on Friday … Read More

Life Lately + A New Book Rec

life lately

Life Lately + A New Book Rec Whew! What a week we’ve had so far. Corey’s getting over some bad allergies + rotavirus (grossest freaking thing ever), so we’ve been in the house A LOT this week. I’ve been trying … Read More

Charleston – Take 4 + 5

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Charleston – Take 4 + 5 I love these dunes. I don’t know why. They’re just grass and funky fences really, but they’re just so pretty! They remind me of all of Nicholas Sparks’s novels [but without the tears]. [and … Read More