Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a great change of pace for us. Things have been a little hairy these days with work stress and the like. You know – life. No biggie. We still had a great time with friends and family.

Big Man and I took a trip to our local library to play around and donate some books. If you haven’t taken advantage of your local library, please, please, PLEASE do that. It’s got so many great treasures, and it’s all free to you.

Okay, the big bear did freak me out. OMG the germs. Gahhhhhh.

corey and teddy

But look at that face…


There are great big books for kiddos. Corey’s favorite.

corey at the library

Tons of sensory puzzles – of course, Mickey Mouse was a hit.

mickey sensory puzzle

We got to try a new restaurant – Peli Peli in Vintage Park – with some great friends. Oh to the Em Gee. Y’all. If you live anywhere near Vintage Park in Houston, you HAVE to go to Peli Peli. We ate off the Restaurant Week menu, and it was divine. Genuinely the best dinner we’ve had in Houston since we’ve moved here. It’s a unique place because it’s South African cuisine. That means it’s basically a melting pot of a whole bunch of different cultures and foods. There’s Brazilian + Indian  + African + a ton of others.

If this scares you off, please don’t let it! Just look at the yummy pictures below!

FYI – their Happy Hour is BOMB! It lasts until 7 at the bar, and you can get some amazing cocktails + appetizers for a really, really good price. We took advantage of the great deals, I assure you.

Breede River Tonic

Indian summer gin + pamplemousse rose + lemon + elderflower tonic + lemon lavender mist

peli peli vintage

Cape Town Cucumber

cucumber vodka + mint + lemon + peri spice rim

peli peli vintage 2

Like I said, we did the RW menu. This means we got an [amazing] appetizer + entree + dessert for $45. Plus some of the proceeds goes to the Houston Food Bank. Definitely a WIN, WIN, WIN!

Stuffed Mushrooms

peli peli vintage 3


(basically a South African Shepherd’s Pie – holy. yummo. mcgummo.)

peli peli vintage 4

Y’all. I can’t even. Lemme talk about this. If you’ve been to a Brazilian steakhouse, you get the idea of meat on a skewer. This is taking it to the next level. Think: tender beef medallions… on a piping hot skewer… with garlic butter dripping down the skewer the entire time you’re eating. Shut your mouth. No seriously. You’re drooling.

Beef Espetada

peli peli vintage

peli peli vintage

Short Rib Surf + Turf

peli peli vintage

Gah! I’m so mad. I didn’t wear this dress I got from the Nord Anniversary Sale. It’s gorgeous, but I couldn’t find good shoes to match. It was perfect for this kind of dinner because it gives a lot in the tummy (I mean, did you see those pictures) but it’s also still sassy + sexy. I’m looking for some black shoes just like the ones I’m wearing in the pic. If you know of or see any, please hit me UP!

charles henry nordstrom off the shoulder dress

On Saturday, we got to hang with these two crazies. Their bond is so beautiful. I can’t get enough of their snuggles, but also their quirky way of communicating like the real brother and sister that they are. They love and hate e/o just like any other sibling couple. They do, however, love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Mommy + Daddy’s bed.

weekend recap

I also got to get my nails did up real purty like. If you haven’t tried the “dip” that everyone is talking about, please do! It lasts way longer than gel and is better for your nails. I got mine done for $45 with tip! Not too shabby.

dip manicure

Also, these jeans are everything plus a side of butter. If you’re looking for comfy + still cute jeans, you need these in your life. Perfect for doing mom things or school things or eating brunch things.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Ankle Slimmer Jeans

wit wisdom ab solution ankle skimmer jeans

And to all my teacher + librarian friends out there:

time to remember

Weekend Recap

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