Scenes from the Weekend

We got such a great surprise this week! Our “Aunt Mo” [my bestie] came to visit on a whim! We got to hang out with her Thursday night, then we headed out to shop on Friday morning. Corey’s kind of in love with her… [also notice those two skinned knees – hello all boy!]

corey douglas

For lunch, we went to a great local place called The Frio Grill. We LOVE coming here. The food is fantastic, the drinks are refreshing, and there’s a great space for kids to run around.

We had the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – holy yum.

the frio grille

And we had the Smoked Chicken + Bacon Quesadilla with Santa Fe Beans. So delicious! [Also pictured – Corey’s yummy slider.]

the frio grille

Home boy was a trooper! He was super tired, but hung in there the whole time through shopping and lunch. In this picture, he was pretending to go “Nigh-Nigh”. This kid is too much… swoon.

corey douglas

It’s so great to have Aunt Mo [Muh-Moot as Corey would say] in town with us! She’s such a blessing as a friend to us + Godmommy to Corey.

corey douglas

For dinner*, we went to Vintage Park to Mia Bella and had a super yummy, filling dinner!

 *We actually decided that drinks + apps would be safer with Mr. Corey. He ate his dinner [best french fries btw] while we nibbled and sipped our cocktails.

The Mia Bella was refreshing, delicious, not sweet at all (which is what I need in a cocktail), and it came in this friggin’ adorable cup. I really, really wanted it to accidentally end up in my purse. Just sayin’.

The Goat Cheese Puttanesca was phenom! We did have to order more baguette pieces to soak up all that yumminess. Definitely a great appetizer!

The Wild Mushroom Strudel was insane. The puff pastry balanced well with the salty, mushroomy filling. The sauce really put it over the top, too! When we left, we were stuffed. We actually just ordered our entrees to go, and it took us a good hour before we were ready to eat any of them. We had the gnocchi (super delicious, but very, very filling/heavy) and Jon made his own fettuccini pasta that was delicious.

Mr. Charmer

Corey’s favorite part about Vintage Park: the POUNTAAAAAIIIINNNNS [translation: fountains].

On Saturday, we made homemade waffles, drank coffee, watched Sesame Street [which, if you haven’t seen one lately, you have to watch – they’re hilarious – especially Cookie Monster’s spoofs on movies like Harry Potter and Hunger Games – is it sad I find that so entertaining? Oh well…], and then finally decided to venture to our neighborhood pool. After little man was tired and taking a Happy Nappy, Morgan and I snuck away for a kid-free lunch + pedicures. I love getting to catch up with my sweet friend while enjoying yummy food + relaxing. We hit up Jaxton’s Bistro, and the food was great as always. The service could sometimes use a little more of a smile if you know what I mean, but overall, we enjoy coming here.


I can’t wait until Maa-Moot comes to visit us again! Happy Monday, y’all!

monday meme

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