Pregnancy Faves

i like to think wine misses me too

Pregnancy Faves Rule #298: Being pregnant means you’re shopping for two.   I’ve got a few new and a few old pregnancy favorites to share with y’all. I’ve linked up some of my favorite maternity clothes, supplements, and other goodies that … Read More

We’re Pregnant!

pregnancy announcement

We’re Pregnant! Rule #50: A dog, a toddler, and some balloons walk into a photo shoot… and it’s chaos. We’re so excited to share the BIG NEWS that we’re expecting Baby G #2 this fall! This big guy is going … Read More

Favorite Apps

favorite apps

I know that you know that there’s an app for that, but I thought I’d throw even more apps at you to really get you boggled down with more technology. Just kidding – I really love technology and want to … Read More

Baby Gates for Difficult Stairs

baby gates for stairs

Baby gates are difficult to install around staircases with banisters, wrought iron, and baseboards. This is list of products to solve that problem! These are the best baby gates for stairs!

Nautical Nursery (Part 2)

nautical nursery

Nautical Nursery Part 2 Whew! Corey’s only 14 months old, and I finally feel like his Nautical Nursery is finished. Took me a little while after the move, but we’re finally there! Between selling our home, living at my mom’s, living … Read More