Life Lately

Our life lately has been full of birthday fun, back to school celebrations, and yummy food! I also linked up my new favorite outfit.

Pandemic Patience Panties

pandemic patience panties

The Pandemic has caused all of us an inordinate amount of stress, and it’s also very much stretched out our Patience Panties as parents!

The Guitar


The Guitar is a lesson on words of wisdom communicated to me from my Daddy. He didn’t have to say a word, just play his guitar.

Don’t Pop That Balloon!


The kids have had balloons floating around for two weeks now, and they’re driving me nuts. But, I won’t pop those damned balloons. I will let them float around, tripping me and driving me nuts. Because I know that one day, I’ll wish against wish they were right back in my way. Let them be little. Let them make messes. Let them be. And be so very grateful for every second.

Life Lately

IMG 5516

Life Lately Rule #80: Stupid is as stupid does. You’d think that given the fact that we haven’t left the house to do anything but drive around a few times that things would be pretty boring and quiet around here. … Read More