Life Lately

best friends

Life Lately Rule #227: Sometimes, life is all about balancing the size of your belly with the size of your backpack.  I love this super cool dude so much. It’s kind of a weird Mama feeling to think pretty soon … Read More

Pregnancy Faves

i like to think wine misses me too

Pregnancy Faves Rule #298: Being pregnant means you’re shopping for two.   I’ve got a few new and a few old pregnancy favorites to share with y’all. I’ve linked up some of my favorite maternity clothes, supplements, and other goodies that … Read More

Loving Lately

3 brunettes boutqiue flattering floral maxi dress

Loving Lately Rule #110: Shopping is cheaper than therapy.  Okay, so I don’t really need the ole therapist these days, but a good glass of wine could really do the trick. And since I can’t really have a good ole … Read More