Life Lately

Life Lately

Rule #227: Sometimes, life is all about balancing the size of your belly with the size of your backpack. 

I love this super cool dude so much. It’s kind of a weird Mama feeling to think pretty soon he’ll be sharing our attention with another blonde bundle of joy. I’ve had so many folks tell me that it’s rough going from one to two kiddos for so many reasons. I’m planning to post more about that another time (if I can finally get through writing my thoughts without violently breaking into a sobbing fit). For now, I’m enjoying my snuggles and one-on-one time with my fly guy.

Side note: LOVE these earrings my sister-in-law gave me plus these new layering necklaces from B.B. Lila (I bought mine at Everything Bling Boutique in Vintage).

corey douglas

Corey decided he was feeling like the Big Man of the Hour, so he wanted to wear his backpack (really his toddler ‘diaper bag’). I’m pretty sure he would’ve fallen backward if not for the ricotta pancakes he scarfed down at Mia Bella. A little balance goes a long way, ya know.

state back pack

Our baseball obsession is growing lately. I’m not sure how that was even possible, but this kid can now name every single Astros player as they come up to bat. You’d think we were brainwashing him, but I assure you, it’s all a self-inflicted craze. He can turn anything into a baseball bat. It’s becoming a bit of a problem at restaurants, but I’m loving his enthusiasm.

corey douglas

We were so lucky to have our “Aunt Mo” in town for a long visit. This picture basically sums up our friendship + humor. I’m so grateful for friendships that last and for friends like this one who don’t mind living our lives around nap time, going to bed at 8:30, and eating at 5:00. She was a champ (and we miss her already)!

best friends

Also, she’s so purty.

best friends

I think it’s safe to say these two are related. Also, Corey’s head is about the size of Jon Boy’s already.

corey and daddy

Corey looooooved having his Aunt Mo in town! I’m pretty sure she threw about 203 pitches for Corey to swing at (he’s batting about a .104 these days). He’s pretty smitten with his newest pitching trainee.

aunt mo and corey

And I’m pretty smitten with this fella. He’s one handsome baby daddy.

baby daddy

I’m proud of myself for finally stepping out of my pink + nude shell and into the world of the white manicure! I went pure white when I had my nails done the other day, and I’m in freaking love. With my nails. Yes, it’s weird. But, when your clothes don’t fit and you’re having pregnancy issues that aren’t suitable for even the Internet to hear about, nails become a big deal. I get the ‘dip’ manicure because that’s what seems to work best for me and my nails, but I’m sure the gel would look just as great! Also: my Birks are still my fave!


I broke down and finally ordered another wedding band since the ones ole Jon Boy gave me aren’t quite fitting these days! I’m loving the pop of blue with the two neutral bands I have (I change them out every day). I’m excited about the blue not only because it’s gorgeous, but because Baby G #2’s birthstone will (unless he/she comes pretty early) be a sapphire! I’ll probably wear these for a few months after the baby comes, and I’m hoping I’ll even be able to wear them after that on other fingers.

wedding band during pregnancy

We’re getting geared up to finish Corey’s big boy room and the nursery! I ordered these sheets for the big guy to go with his ‘sports’ theme (requested by Jon Boy). Corey spotted the baseball within .27 seconds of me opening the package. I’m on the hunt for some Astros twin sheets that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but so far no luck. I’ll doing a big post on both the gender neutral nursery and Corey’s big boy room soon! We’re a major work-in-progress over here (in so many ways, y’all).

Football Sheet Set | Gray Sports Sheet Set

sports twin sheets for kids

I’m still playing with this little wall in our dining room, but I’m loving it so far! The sign is from Hallmark (can’t find it online). We’ve had our wedding album in a box in a closet since we oogled it right after we got it in the mail six years ago. I’m glad it’s out on display if for no one else but me! My goal is to turn this console table into a makeshift bar cart one day, but that will be after we ban baseball in the house. I’m thinking we’re quite a few years from that rule.

Console Table

dining room decor

Morgan and I snuck away for a long lunch one day while Corey was napping and Jon Boy was working. I have to say that our days of long happy hours and crazy late night dinners have changed to long lunches (mine being a sober one) and even longer naps. We enjoyed our time nonetheless! We ventured out to Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar in The Woodlands, and it was amazing!

Morgan had the frozen sparkling rosé.

fielding's local kitchen

We shared the avocado fundido to start (amazing but super filling).

fielding's local kitchen

Then we shared the beet + feta salad, and holy cow. I’m determined to make something at least half as good at home. It was so delicious and didn’t feel like eating a salad at all. It was deceitfully sinful-tasting, but you know it’s still good for you!

fielding's local kitchen

We also ordered the mushroom truffle pizza, but I have to admit, we were so full by this point (yes, even the huge pregnant lady) that we barely finished half of it! That was a shame too, because wowza. It was divine. Especially when you dip the pizza in their house chile oil.

fielding's local kitchen

Speaking of chiles… I’ve been playing with one of my Daddy’s old recipes: Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas. I decided to add the word Creamy to the front of the recipe’s name because that just makes everything better, ya know? I’ll post the recipe with details once I’m finally satisfied with it, but these were delicious!

creamy green chile chicken enchiladas

And cheese y’all. You can never have too much cheese. Especially when dealing with Mexican food.

creamy green chile chicken enchiladas

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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