Life Lately

living room deco

Life Lately I’m suuuuuper pumped because we are another step closer to being [finally] moved into our new home! Yes, we may have moved in a mere 11 months ago. Yes, we still have a lot left to do somehow. … Read More

A Fabulous Fourth + Some Fun New Deco

fourth of july

A Fabulous Fourth + Some Fun New Deco Well I can finally say that I’ve been to a block party. I’m 30, so I’d say it’s about time! Growing up, we’d have a few neighbors who we’d hang out with, … Read More

Scenes from the Weekend

Scenes from the Weekend

Scenes from the Weekend We had a very low key weekend since we’re all still recovering from being sick. It started with a very chill Friday morning, as you can see by Penny’s and Corey’s relaxed attitudes… We finalized decorating … Read More

A Family Trip + New Decor

a family trip

A Family Trip + New Decor This past weekend, my mom and I went to New Mexico to celebrate my sweet cousin’s high school graduation. It was so great to see family and spend time at one of our favorite … Read More

PTL for Curtains and Ducks

home deco

Wooooooooowwwiiiiieeeee!!!! We’ve finally got curtains! Just a mere seven months after moving in, but we’ve got ’em. It was really tough to find curtains that were the right length, texture, color, fabric (better be machine washable, man), and price. We … Read More