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I’m suuuuuper pumped because we are another step closer to being [finally] moved into our new home! Yes, we may have moved in a mere 11 months ago. Yes, we still have a lot left to do somehow. BUT I am enjoying staring at these lovely new ladies that are in our living room.

living room deco

They’re definitely not subtle… but since the rest of our living room is pretty neutral, I thought these could be the real statement pieces in the space. We also got an AWESOME deal on the fabric [click here for details] which happens to be from the fabulous Chip + Jo from Magnolia Homes. You know it’s gold when their names are on it. LOVE them!

home decor

Jon’s parents were so sweet enough to let us borrow these guys when we had literally NOTHING in the living room to help fill the space. Like… y’all… we used camping chairs for Corey’s first birthday. That’s how sad it was. His parents even let us keep them once they decided they didn’t need them in their back office anymore. Score!

living room deco

These guys just fit so well in the space near our stairs, but the fabric wasn’t exactly our style. So we went through a few different fabrics from and just returned the ones we didn’t want. This website has the best pricing and customer service. Hands. Down.

I think the next step in our living room will definitely be getting some matching pillows to go on our neutral couch/love seat.

living room deco

After a bumpy, bumpy Tuesday [check out this post about the Terrible 2’s]… Corey had a great rest of the week! It’s a tough little  phase, but can I just brag on what this little man did for me this week:

put my shoes back on the shoe rack just because [yupp… still haven’t unpacked from Charleston… whoops]
said, “Thank you” and “Bless you” unprompted
and the best one… decided that he loooooves to vacuum!

[sorry so blurry… but oh comma my this sweet boy]

corey douglas

I have a definite new favorite lunch. It’s one of my Mediterranean Turkey Burgers + this Tzatziki + store bought Mediterranean couscous. It’s not only yummy, it actually keeps me full until dinner. I feel like I always make the worst mistakes at around 5:00 when I’m hungry but it’s not quite dinner time. This has kept me on somewhat good behavior this week.


I’m not sure if you’ve been eyeing that Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but if you haven’t… FOR SHAME! I’ve found a ton of great deals that I’m excited to share with you soon. Okay, I’ll share one now – I love this dress below. The cardholder sneak peek was this week, but the actual sale is coming next week. So get on it, friend!

charles henry off the shoulder shirtdress

charles henry off the shoulder shirtdress

I don’t know about you, but I do love when a Mama goes rogue and tells people what she’s really thinking. I love the Instagram account called the21stCenturySAHM. She’s fantastic. I’ll just let you read her thoughts on motherhood…




Can I get an AMEN?! Happy Weekend, y’all!

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