Slow Cooker Bacon, Cheddar, and Cauliflower Soup

Rule #191: An English degree does not a good videographer make. Whewwwwiieeeee ladies and gents! This Slow Cooker wonder is the stuff of dreams! Not only does it have bacon AND cheddar, but it’s made…

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Slow Cooker Pinto Beans

Rule #82: A biggo pot ‘o’ beans is a thing of beauty. Okay, so the real slap-your-face irony about this post is the fact that my “pretty” picture is not in fact in a slow…

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Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Beef Tacos

Rule #241: Taco Tuesday can also be Crock Pot Tuesday. I love me a good ole Taco Tuesday. I especially love me a good ole Taco Tuesday when it involves a slow cooker that does…

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Potluck Favorites

Rule #125: We’re all better when we’re together.

I love me a good potluck, y’all. Gimme a whole bunch of folks coming together over some good food, and I’m a happy lady. Food is what makes the world go round, in my humble opinion. It should really be its own love language. I know, for me, that if I love you, I wanna cook for you. That’s why potlucks are so special: everyone pitches in to make the ultimate spread of little love notes. Even if all you do is pick up the cokes and ice, you’re showing someone else you’re lovin’ on ’em by filling their tummies.

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Life Lately

Rule #60: You win some. You lose some.

Our life lately has been a little competition between the WINNING and the LOSING columns. Rodeo: WINNING. Fun jewelry: WINNING. Potty training: LOSING.

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