The Best Margaritas


This original margarita recipe is the perfect blend of tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and agave syrup. Splash in some water, shake it up, and you’re on your way to enjoying the best margarita!

Blackberry Breeze Cocktail + Extras

blackberry breeze cocktail

Summer (I know it’s only spring technically) is my favorite produce season! I loooooooooove me some good ‘maters, and summer is their prime time to shine. H-E-B had some gorgeous Beefsteak Tomatoes last week, so I had to grab a … Read More

The Back Porch Swing

The Back Porch Swing

There’s a restaurant in the city where we used to live, Irving, that serves one of my all-time favorite cocktails! The grapefruity-minty-delicious-vodka-ness that comes in this little concoction is a thing of true beauty. It brings back memories of hanging … Read More

White Sangria

white sangria

This White Sangria is a great cocktail to serve in big batches at baby showers, birthday parties, or girls’ nights. I love that you can make it in big batches and serve it up whenever you’re ready to party! We … Read More

Spanish Red Wine Spritzer

Spanish Red Wine Spritzer

Clinton Kelly. You devilish man. You did it again. Another beautiful cocktail! This is one of the EASIEST drinky-poos I’ve ever made, and it was perfect for summer. We almost always have simple syrup on-hand because Jon Boy likes to … Read More