Red Wine Pot Roast + Thursday Things

pioneer woman red wine pot roast

Red Wine Pot Roast + Thursday Things Is it fall yet? I mean for real. I’m ready for leggings, tunics, Bath and Body Works candles, and comfort food. Oh wait. I’m kind of workin’ all those things already. Sorry, not … Read More

The Fire by Night

the fire by night

The Fire by Night I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this book. I loved this very poignant story of two nurses during their service in WWII. They’re two very different women with two very different paths during the … Read More

Life Lately + A New Book Rec

life lately

Life Lately + A New Book Rec Whew! What a week we’ve had so far. Corey’s getting over some bad allergies + rotavirus (grossest freaking thing ever), so we’ve been in the house A LOT this week. I’ve been trying … Read More

Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree This one is for you if you’re: a teacher, a student, dyslexic, different, scared of failure, or have ever been bullied. It’s such a beautiful story of adolescence blossoming when there’s just that one person who … Read More

Salt to the Sea

Talk about a page turner… woah. If you love historical fiction [particularly the WWII and Holocaust era], then this one is for you. There’s a little romance thrown in there, too, but this book is mostly about the compassionate people … Read More