Red Wine Pot Roast + Thursday Things

Is it fall yet? I mean for real. I’m ready for leggings, tunics, Bath and Body Works candles, and comfort food. Oh wait. I’m kind of workin’ all those things already. Sorry, not sorry. But really, c’mon fall. It’s friggin’ hot.

I made this somewhat fancy pot roast on Tuesday, and boy did it not disappoint. Pioneer Woman really knows her stuff! It’s a very simple recipe that’s just upgraded by a few “fancy” things [like red wine]. It cooks in under 5 hours, too. I put it all together and threw it in the oven during Corey’s nap so that the evening didn’t feel so hectic.

pioneer woman red wine pot roast

The only change I made to P-Dub’s recipe is to add the potatoes + carrots 3 hours into the cooking process so they don’t turn to mush. I also just turned the oven off after 4 hours and let it stay warm until Jon Boy and I were ready to eat. Easy, peasy.

Click Here for Recipe

Side note: this little piggy definitely went to bed without putting the leftovers in the fridge/freezer (they do GREAT in the freezer btw). Talk about heartbreak when I woke up Wednesday morning.

Speaking of Bath and Body Works candles… I snagged this little diddy from their sale a couple of weeks ago! I know it’s a little early for Halloween, but I couldn’t help myself. Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year, and to be real, Corey’s room smells a lot like a middle school boy’s locker room some times. Mama needs some fragrance up there.

bath and body works halloween plug

I finished this ENTIRE book on the way back from Michigan last week. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, lemme just say that my travels were nothing short of TERRIBLE on Friday. I had lots and lots and lots of time to read. This was an absolutely perfect book for that time!

The Light We Lost is about a couple who meets in college on 9/11. They come together and grow apart many times and in many different ways. He’s an aspiring photographer, she’s got a great career in television, and sometimes we don’t always get what we want when it comes to romance. It’s a story of love, heartbreak, reality, and the choices we make that define our paths. It’s easy to read and the plot flows very well.

the light we lost

I loved the book up until the ending, I must say. The end surprised me as a mom and wife (although I feel Jon Boy is my soulmate, so that does differ from the main character’s life). I still would recommend the book despite my wish that ending had been a little different. I’d love to know your thoughts on the book!

This firefighting chubby bunny and his counterpart there melt my heart. This kid was so excited to see Daddy come home from work that he was hootin’ and hollerin’ downstairs until Daddy came around the corner and said HI!

corey and penny

We’re gearing up for a trip to Chicago in a little over a week. Please, say a prayer! We haven’t taken home boy on an airplane yet [as he says – “paayyypaaannnnee”]. We finally got him to like these headphones, so we’re on our way to a successful flight… hopefully! Any tips for first-time travelers with toddlers?

corey douglas

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