Book-Themed Baby Shower for My Bestie!

Book Themed Baby Shower

This weekend, I got to help throw a baby shower for my sweet friend along with a great group of gals. Her nursery is adventure themed [so cute!], but another group was throwing a shower under that theme. So, since … Read More

Great Kids’ Books for Fall

scaredy cat splat

I have a real problem when it comes to Half Price Books. I go in there with the high hopes of selling some old books and getting some moola to walk out the door with. Yeah. That never happens. Inevitably, … Read More

Baby Shower and Baptism Outfits

maternity dress

I’ve compiled a quick list of Baby Shower and Baptism Outfits in this post. We were so very lucky to have three amazing groups of women throw us baby showers in preparation for our sweet Baby G. Each of the … Read More

What to Get for Your Friend the Preggo

gift ideas for pregnant women

I remember feeling completely at a loss when I found out my friends were pregnant. I wanted to get them a little, “Ahhtta girl!” kind of gift, but I had no idea what would be helpful to the preggos. Now … Read More

Why I Love Dollar Tree

Why I Love Dollar Tree

So this past Monday, my sister-in-law gave birth to our nephew and godson. I am so beyond excited I can’t describe it. He’s truly the perfect little guy! He was very pink, interactive, and oh that baby smell. To get … Read More