Favorite Cookbooks (so far anyway)

Favorite Cookbooks

I definitely have a problem. I’m addicted to food, recipes, cookbooks, watching food shows, talking about food, menu planning, oh… and eating. There are a few cookbooks (okay, more than a few) that I’ve sat down and literally read cover-to-cover. … Read More

Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is seriously just that: simple. It’s easy to make and is the base of tons of cocktail recipes. I used to be very intimidated by things like making this recipe until I decided to just give it a … Read More

Bacon Fat Trick

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest hasn’t always been kind to me. Case in point was a Cranberry & White Chocolate Christmas Pound Cake. The picture looked amazing! The ingredients and directions were simple enough! I thought I’d be … Read More

Awesome Foodie Finds

pioneer woman cooks dinnertime

I’ve had a lot of time to watch TV and browse cookbooks (in between feedings, poopings, sleepings, laundry loads, dishes, drools, and other mommy-related thingies). I was at Half Price Books the other day and stumbled upon this little gem: … Read More

The Perfect Boiled Eggs

Perfect Boiled Eggs

Yolks not cooked? Funky greenish brown stuff around the yolk? Straight up runny egg white? I have your solution. Martha Stewart educated me in the art of the perfectly boiled egg, and I appreciate her so.     Perfectly Boiled … Read More