Awesome Foodie Finds

I’ve had a lot of time to watch TV and browse cookbooks (in between feedings, poopings, sleepings, laundry loads, dishes, drools, and other mommy-related thingies).
I was at Half Price Books the other day and stumbled upon this little gem:
pioneer woman cooks dinnertime
I’m obsessed. Pioneer Woman delivers again with awesome tips on how to freeze food for those busy nights (or to give to those who need a good meal), fast meals for hungry families, and even has pictures for each step of every recipe. I love to just read her recipes and hear her voice through them. She’s so sassy and spunky! This book is awesome for families who like good ole cooking. It’s nothing fancy and gives you everything you need to get a good dinner on the table.
I was watching my fave show, The Chew, the other day and they had a guest named J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. He has a series called The Food Lab¬†on YouTube. He’s basically like the science nerd of food. I’m really hoping to get his cookbook soon because it offers tips in the science and technique of cooking.
the food lab
For example, why do you not put salt inside a burger patty but instead on the outside? The answer is because the salt turns the patty on the inside to a hard consistency while if it’s only on the outside, it has a beautiful crust with a still-juicy inside.
This has to be my favorite though. I’ve always struggled with making the perfect poached egg! Here’s a video that really makes me want to poach my life away:


Nom. Freaking. Nom. Bokay?
The great tip he also gives about poached eggs is that you can actually put them in cold water in the fridge and save them for another day! All you have to do is put them back into warm water to get them eatable before serving. Voila! Brunch!
See, my brain does still work after having a baby. Well, kind of.

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