The Basis of Fear: Anxiety + Depression

The Basis of Fear: Anxiety and Depression

You wanna hear a dirty word? Here it is: ANXIETY. That’s right. I said it. Anx-EYE-eh-TEE. A lot of people have already stopped reading, so if you’re still here, thank you. I think it’s time I get real dirty and … Read More

“Soon, Grasshopper, Soon”


[Just a disclaimer – this is personal and very raw. It’s definitely not a light-hearted post. However, I think it represents my brother the best way I know how to.] It’s been one year since we lost Jimbo. It feels … Read More



Eight weeks ago, our son was born. Three months ago, my brother died. Four years and one day ago, my dad died. Here’s the breakdown: I met my husband on August 31, 2010. Three months later, my dad was diagnosed … Read More