Trader Joe’s Favorites

Rule #199: Joe knows best.

I love me some Trader Joe’s. Like… a little too much. It’s bordering on an unhealthy obsession to be fair. BUT! With all of the great finds Old Joe has, can you blame me? I’ve rounded up some of our Trader Joe’s Favorites in this little post. I’ve got refrigerated goodies, frozen foods, snacks, pantry staples, and, of course, wine!


Okay, okay. This isn’t what it looks like… just kidding… it’s exactly what it looks like. An entire cooler full of Trader Joe’s goodies! I had a doctor’s appointment across the street from our closest Trader Joe’s (which is 30 minutes away), so I came prepared to stock up, baby! So, yes, I naturally brought a cooler and filled that bad boy to the brim.


Refrigerated Goods

I’ll list these in a little clockwise-order situation: Cauliflower Thins, Triple Creme Brie (only $5!!!), Avocado Tzatziki Dip, Everything but the Bagel Greek Yogurt Dip, Green Goddess Dip, Fresh English Peas, Baby Beets (last forever in the fridge), Buffalo Ranch Chopped Salad, and Mediterranean Style Salad Kit. The Brie is absolutely divine and a serious steal! The 3 dips we eat with fresh veggies or alongside quinoa… maybe even with some chicken nuggets?! The fresh peas are perfect to throw into pasta like Parmesan Spring Pasta or to just gently cook and serve with mint sauce.


We eat Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Thins almost daily when we can get our hands on them! I made a list of different ways to eat them here: Easy, Healthy Lunch Ideas. They’re a great, low carb substitute for bread.


We love, love, love their fresh pastas! I usually buy a few and freeze them until the night before we want to eat them. They’re so delicious served with marinara or even just drizzled with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.


Frozen Foods

We kinnnnnnnda like Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi… just a tiny lil’ ole smooch. It’s a delicious, perfectly-textured substitute for pasta. We serve it alongside Italian Meatballs, Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Meatballs, or with a simple bolognese (brown 1 lb. ground sirloin then pour in a jar of good marinara). I posted a how-to on how we make Cauliflower Gnocchi here.


I love to stock the ole freezer with Trader Joe’s goodies. Here are some of our favorites: Mushroom & Spinach Quiche, Gluten Free Mac & Cheese, Mozzarella Sticks (sahhh good), and Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice.


I also buy their already cooked Turkey Meatballs for the kiddos plus their sinfully deicious Gnocchi alla Sorrentina.


Jon Boy loves their Mandarin Orange Chicken, the kids love the Pepperoni Pizza Mac & Cheese (who wouldn’t though), and I’m excited to try the Chicken Curry.


I keep their Pastry Bites, Vegetable Quesadillas, Chicken Shu Mai, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, and Mac & Cheese Bites handy for when we need a quick and easy appetizer. Just pull ’em outta the freezer and microwave or bake.


Pantry Staples and Snacks

These are Jon Boy’s jayummm: Sweet & Spicy Pecans and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.


The kids (and Jon Boy) devour Trader Joe’s Bambas snacks. They’re so delicious and melt in your mouth! They’re made of just a few ingredients and are surprisingly healthy. We use Trader Joe’s taco seasoning for our taco meat! I just use about 1/2 the package for 1 lb. of beef. The kids sometimes think it’s too spicy, but Jon Boy and I are fans.


I use Trader Joe’s Red Enchilada Sauce when we make Easy Beef Enchiladas. Their Madras Lentils are to die for! They make a great, healthy lunch full of tons of flavor!


Trader Joe’s also has some great, low-priced wines, too! I like their Napa Valley Chardonnays, and I have friends who love their Sauvignon Blanc.


Another little joy of visiting Trader Joe’s is their floral section (also their greeting cards – all so cute and just $1 each)!


Their hydrangeas are unbelievably gorgeous and only $5 for 3! They last a longer time than most, too.


I snagged these gorgeous roses for just $5, too. Nothing like fresh flowers for this gal!


Okay, yikes. Creepy, Lilly. Get a room! Get a freezer! Yeesh. Okay, well at least now I’ve declared to the world my sick obsession with Trader Joe’s. You just can’t beat their quality of products paired with the price. Plus, everyone who works there has to be drinking some kind of Nicest People Ever Kool-Aid. Seriously. They’re all so helpful and take time to help answer any and all questions.


Well, then. I hope this helps you make your list the next time you head to good ole Trader Joe’s! I also hope you become as obsessed as me so that I don’t feel so creepy kissing my cauliflower gnocchi.

I hope you’ve found something to love in this Trader Joe’s Favorites post!

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