Rule #62 : Showering is optional. 

This big guy was my sidekick last week. We were both excited about getting back in a routine (thank the Lordy for preschool) and getting back to eating a bit healthier. I love this time of year for the “fresh start” it gives you. I’ve been cleaning, redecorating, and purging. Gahhhh the feeling of a good purge. On that note, I’ve been hearing a ton of great things about the book A Simplified Life, and I’m thinking I need to pick up a copy.

corey douglas

Jon Boy was out of town for work, so I was flying solo. Let’s just say many of the things I normally take for granted (bathing, peeing alone) were glaringly obvious without my Jon Boy. Showering after three days of grunge is Selfie Worthy in my book. What is the statute of limitations on a shower? Like at what day does it become officially unsanitary to not bathe? Asking for a friend…

Jeans ($40) | T-Shirt ($8) | Sweater (Similar) ($30) | Phone Case ($20) | Tote


Corey’s socks have been vanishing one by one for a few weeks now. I finally figured out where they’d gone: under the crib, tucked in the back after they’d served as Corey’s sock puppets during nap time. At least I know the dryer and the dog are not to blame. I think I owe them an apology now.

corey's socks

I just recently finished not one, but TWO Netflix series this past week (judge me). They were both so well done, but both extremely different.

The Crown

Season Two of The Crown just came out November 4th, and it’s phe-nom-en-alllll! The acting is fantastic, the true historical elements are perfectly woven into the story, and the scenes are captivating. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love this one. Season Two also gets into Prince Charles’s time at boarding school. It’s a pretty interesting perspective given what we know about him with the relationships he had/has with Princess Diana and his sons. Definitely a must-watch!

The Crown Season 2

Alias Grace

Holy. Psychological. Smokes. This is a get-in-your-mind type of show that leaves you wondering who + what is to blame for two very grisly murders. This is NOT the show for folks who get a little queasy or uneasy at difficult scenes. The main actress (Sarah Gadon) does an unbelievable job at playing her role. It’s only six episodes and is really more of a mini series, but it’s worth every minute you spend watching it!

alias grace netflix

wine down wednesday

I love sharing good deals and finds with y’all. I’ve compiled a little smorgasbord (had to Google how to spell that) of my favorite finds lately from clothes to gifts to accessories!

I bought this dress a year ago, but it was just too darn hot in Houston to wear it! I’m so glad I finally got to when we went to the Houston Symphony’s Christmas Pops Concert! It’s comfy, lightweight, and super festive.

Madewell Buffalo Plaid Dress

madewell buffalo plaid dress

I love a good, comfy, holiday shirt that’s got a little sass to it. I’m wearing a small in this one.

Target Sleigh All Day T-Shirt

sleigh all day target


This dress is SUPER comfy but still flattering. It fits snug in the top and flares out a bit at your mid section. Jon Boy loves this dress, so I know it’s a keeper!

Old Navy Fit & Flare Jersey Dress ($30) I’m wearing a small.

old navy dress

Leith Easy Circle Cardigan

Legitimately the best cardigan I’ve ever owned. It’s ridiculously soft, lightweight but still offers warmth, and comes in 11 different colors. I also love that it comes down a little lower than most in the back, so it’s perfect to pair with a long t-shirt + leggings. I’ve already got this color, but Santa may or may not be brining me another. I do love her.

leith easy circle cardigan

leith sweater

I just discovered this fella a month or so ago. I’ve loved Hobo wallets for years now, but this one is a little special. It has a clasp inside that can attach to your keys. The wallet is meant to fit your phone inside, and it does perfectly! I just throw my phone in the wallet, attach my key wrist strap, and put this bad boy in Corey’s diaper bag. That way, I’m not always carrying his bag + my purse.

Hobo ‘Sadie’ Leather Wallet | Wrist Strap with Clasp + Ring

hobo sadie wallet

hobo sadie leather wallet

I’ve just recently discovered and ohhhhh my is it dangerous! They have deals that expire every 3 days, so unfortunately this sweater dress isn’t available anymore. BUT everything I’ve gotten so far from Jane has been of good quality and a great price. They have kids’ stuff and home decor, too. I use their app to shop, but you can find the same things online. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… It’s dangerous, y’all. Dangerous I say.

I looooove a cute Christmas t-shirt, y’all! This one was $16 during its sale on Jane. (Click here to visit the boutique who made this shirt.) BTW – I’m wearing these blush pants with it. I posted a picture to my Instagram Stories and folks thought I was taking a picture sans pants. I may be literally the worst selfie taker ever, but I ain’t never gonna post a naked selfie no matter how bad I am.

vintage holiday shirt jane

{Also – still obsessed with these leggings from Target ($15)!} | This tunic is from Jane, but the sale has expired! Click here to browse this boutique’s current stock.

jane app

I’m already a repeat offender with this adorable number.

plaid sleeved top

This floral tunic was only $13 on Jane during its sale! Super comfy, lightweight, and adorable. (Here’s a link to the boutique who makes it.) I’m wearing those lovely $15 Target leggings in navy with it.

fall floral tunic jane

I also got a few gifts for my fave people for Christmas from Jane.

This puzzle for kids that can be customized (bought from this site) is so adorable! They were on sale for $20 each.

Kids Name Puzzle

A Perzonalized Character Puzzle (bought from this site) was only $13! You pick the name and what type of character scene you’d like. Super cute!

Personalized Character Puzzle

I know folks love a cute little house flag to go with the season, and these were only $7 each on their sale. Here’s a link to the company who makes them!

Decorative House Flags

It’s tough to share the link love from my Jane steals because they’re only live for 3 days, BUT I’d highly suggest checking out the app for yourself. The deals are AWESOME! They will also do Sneak Peeks to give you a preview for upcoming sales.

KUT from the Kloth Skinny Jeans (On sale right now!)

kut from the kloth pants

Recover Gemstone iPhone Case

My poor pineapple phone cover finally bit the dust after months of being tossed on top of crumbs, olive oil, and salt while I’m cooking + trying to take pictures. I guess phone cases weren’t meant to be cooking utensils. Who knew? This case is so cute though and a great price ($20), so I don’t feel too bad about butchering my pineapple {case}.

Recover Gemstone iPhone Case

In a very related note, I owe our UPS guy a seriously generous Christmas present. I buy almost exclusively online, so he’s been a busy little elf lately thanks to all these great finds! Is it sad that we’re on a first name basis already? I feel like it’s only fair to keep buying goodies like these so that our friendship can continue to grow.