What to Get for Your Friend the Preggo

gift ideas for pregnant women

I remember feeling completely at a loss when I found out my friends were pregnant. I wanted to get them a little, “Ahhtta girl!” kind of gift, but I had no idea what would be helpful to the preggos. Now … Read More

Cheesy Polenta with Veggies

Cheesy Polenta with Veggies

This is one of our all-time favorite side dishes for a busy weeknight when we’re trying to be a bit healthy but still get some taste into our meals. I really like polenta’s versatility and the fact that it fills … Read More

Nesting Made Me Do It

late summer deco

Last week, I hit a point where I just couldn’t stand to have parts of the house “unfinished” anymore. I started walking around and made a list of all the things I want done before the baby comes… in 4 … Read More

Maternity Clothes

maternity clothes

I’ve had quite the roller coaster with maternity clothes since hitting about the 10 week mark. My skinny jeans gave up on me pretty early on unfortunately. I’ve found some fantastic (and not so fantastic) websites where I’ve bought some … Read More

Why I Love Dollar Tree

Why I Love Dollar Tree

So this past Monday, my sister-in-law gave birth to our nephew and godson. I am so beyond excited I can’t describe it. He’s truly the perfect little guy! He was very pink, interactive, and oh that baby smell. To get … Read More