Baby + Toddler Shoes

baby toddler shoes

I looooooove to shop for baby boy stuff! I’m horrible with little girl things, I’ve got to be honest. I can barely dress myself most of the time. But, when it comes to Corey, I usually do a pretty good … Read More

Baby Gates for Difficult Stairs

baby gates for stairs

Baby gates are difficult to install around staircases with banisters, wrought iron, and baseboards. This is list of products to solve that problem! These are the best baby gates for stairs!

A Little Halloween Decor [for a cheap price!]

Halloween Deco

I’ve talked before about how much I love Dollar Tree, and the obsession still hasn’t ended. I went by the other day just to see what was there. I ended up buying some awesome stuff for Corey’s birthday [post to … Read More

Great Kids’ Books for Fall

scaredy cat splat

I have a real problem when it comes to Half Price Books. I go in there with the high hopes of selling some old books and getting some moola to walk out the door with. Yeah. That never happens. Inevitably, … Read More

Best Baby Buys

graco blossom 4-in-1 high chair

Having a baby is like being blindfolded and given directions by 40 people at one time as you try to find something. Everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to share their opinion, and in the end, you still have no … Read More