Best Baby Buys

Having a baby is like being blindfolded and given directions by 40 people at one time as you try to find something. Everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to share their opinion, and in the end, you still have no clue what to do. The best thing about having a baby though is that you get to just figure it out along the way. We’ve bought some fantastic things and we’ve bought some not-so-fantastic things.
Here are a few of the things we’ve loved so far:
These bibs from Amazon:
Best Baby Buys
Our little homeboy is a ridiculous drooler. Like. Ridiculous. I probably change is bib every hour on a normal day (can you say #laundry?). These bibs are wonderful because they have two layers of lining, the bottom being a very absorbent cotton. They catch drool better than a normal bib, too. And they’re adorable.
Best Baby Buys
Another cute bib from Etsy:
personalized nautical bib
This 5-in-1 toy, also from Amazon:
little tikes 5-in-1 adjustable gym
It’s great because, like the name says, you can adjust it 5 different ways to fit the stage your little one is currently at. Right now, Corey is playing with it just like the picture above because he’s sitting up on his own. It’s been great for helping him learn some fine motor skills!
Best Baby Buys
This awesome outdoor blanket from Bed Bath and Beyond:
Best Baby Buys
skip hop high chair shopping cart cover
It is wonderful for being on-the-go because it folds up into a handy dandy little ball that fits into our diaper bag. It can stretch to fit even those huge new Target child seats.
Best Baby Buys
Our high chair is one of my favorite things:
graco blossom 4-in-1 high chair
It can recline enough so that little man can drink his bottle (all by himself now)! It’s super comfy for him plus it keeps him locked in tight for safety. It has a lot of different ways to be adjusted, and it’s got wheels!
Best Baby Buys
These perfect shoes from Etsy
marvel baby booties
They’re great because they will actually stay on his chubby little feet! Most shoes/socks get tossed within five minutes of me putting them on.
Those are just a few of the things we’ve bought and actually loved! What are some things you’ve found helpful with your little one(s)?

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