Ohhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy. If you love a good mystery/thriller, then this is a DEFINITE read for you. It’s been on my reading wish list for a couple of years now, and I finally got a chance to read it. I have to admit that I read it in less than THREE DAYS! It’s a definite page turner.
in a dark, dark wood
I ironically related very well to the main character. She’s got a lot of baggage and finds herself loving her small apartment and running out her stress on the pavement. The novel’s basic plot is that she gets invited to a “hen party” [bachelorette] for a friend she hasn’t spoken to or seen in ten years. She’s confused about the invite, but goes anyway.
As you might guess, the party takes place deep in the woods. The characters she meets at the party are like something from the Clue game. They’ve each got something mysteriously “off” about them. The twisted plot finally ends in a way that you really can’t see coming. You’re not going to be able to put this one down until you find out who the “bad guy” is! Trust me! It’s a perfect book for the beach or a summer trip.

If you liked Gone Girl, then you have to read this one! My sister-in-law gave it to me once she heard I loved GG. It’s a suspenseful thriller about a girl who grows up under her oppressive and selfish judge of a father. Her sister is perfect in every way in his eyes. Her mom can do nothing right, however. And then there’s the good girl. She does everything “wrong” in her father’s eyes and receives nothing but negative in return.
 the good girl
Her bad luck in life doesn’t end with her family. She ends up being kidnapped after being stood up by her boyfriend at a bar. The story flashes back and forth from before she’s abducted by a stranger and after she’s rescued. You hear from different view points (none of which are the girl’s). Your viewpoint of the characters will continue to change right up until the very last page. I love a good book that really focuses on character analysis (yes, I’m a nerd). The plot moves quickly as well, so you’re not stuck reading about the seventy shades of brown of the inside of a cabin.
You’ll love reading this one by the pool this summer! I finished it in no less than two days, my friend. You won’t be able to put it down.

You’ve gotta love Half Price Books. They had this fella on display. I’ve been really trying to branch out and read new genres this year, so I went ahead and grabbed it. It’s a murder mystery/thriller based on the Bosch character (there’s a TV show). Connelly writes so extremely well that it’s easy to read, but you still get a ton of visualization as you’re going.
the crossing
The basic plot is that Bosch is a retired cop who goes to work for his defense lawyer brother-in-law. It’s a big no-no in the LAPD world, so Bosch has to fight with his conscience for a while. He takes the case anyways. After doing some investigating of his own, he comes to believe the accused is being framed. The plot is a twisty-bendy-oh-no-he-didn’t type of scenario. The bad guy/girl/guys/girls are so insanely bad, you can’t wait to see what happens next.
It’s the perfect book to bring on vacation or to read right before bedtime!

On another note, but still related to the book—
There’s a quote in the book that makes me kind of get choked up as a parent:
“It had only been five years since then but he had come to believe that parents see their children not only as they are but as they hope they will be in the future. Happy, fulfilled, not afraid.”
What a truly poignant thought. We see our kids past, present, and future every time we look at them. I think that’s one of the reasons parenting is the most difficult and blissful thing you’ll ever do. All the hopes, fears, dreams, worries are wrapped up into tiny glimpses of our kids.
the crossing
This quote is definitely not even close to what the book is about, but I thought I’d share that touching point!