Manic Monday

Rule #139: Sometimes you’ve just gotta brain dump and move on.

Spring Break was a little less like a break and more like a marathon for us! It was a great week full of good times, but sweet biscuits I am pooped. We spent our time with great friends, good food, and a wide array of emotions from our three-year-old. My brain is beyond scattered, so I’m manically brain dumping a few things we’ve been doing and thinking and eating and wearing. So… here we go!

We started the week by heading back to the Houston Rodeo for the second time this year to see Zac Brown Band! I can’t explain how obsessed I am with the rodeo now. We visited the wine garden this time, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to chain myself to a table next year once they open. How can you pass up gorgeous friends, cute cowboy + girl outfits, wine, and charcuterie platters all under a gorgeous Texas sky with live country music? There is nothing better!

Houston Rodeo

I picked up a hunky cowboy along the way, too. Said he’s married, so that’s a downer, but I’m working on him.

Houston Rodeo

My beautiful friend, Abby, and her sweet boy came in town to celebrate Spring Break with us! Our college SB days are stark contrast to this year’s, and I think we’re both okay with that. Instead of closing down the bar at 2 am, we’re chilling in the cul de sac with champagne and going to bed at 10. We cray.

IMG 6713 1

I love this girl so much. I know y’all feel me when I say it’s hard to find time to get to see your buddies when you’ve got kiddos. Add in some driving distance, and it’s a recipe for rare sightings! We’re building some good memories for our littles when we do get together though. Look at these sweet faces!

Sweet Friends

I asked Abby what she wanted to eat when she visited, and she chose Garlic Parmesan Roasted Shrimp + Roasted Brussels Sprouts! I made a little sauce to go on the side, too. Food is my love language, so I had to make her feel the love with some roasted little shrimpies.

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Shrimp

We enjoyed a chilly-ish night on the porch with this little nugget. I will never get tired of a gummy smile. Sometimes teeth just get in the way of a cute grin, ya know? Don’t ask me to do make the noises I make to get Brooke smile… it’s somewhere between nails-on-a-chalkboard and “This is the Song that Never Ends” level of annoyance.

Daddy and Brooke

Oh, this boy. This sweet, stubborn, too-smart-for-his-britches boy. I know I’m not alone with the strong willed child situation. I’ve talked to so many friends and family who’ve experienced one. Poor bud. One minute he’s all smiles and giggles and baseball. The next, we’re throwing our body on the floor as if we’re being forced to light ourselves on fire all because Mommy asked us if we needed to potty. I’m evil, I know.

Corey and Mommy

There are moments like this that absolutely melt my heart. I mean – look at those chubby toes! They don’t even fit in flip-flops. I can’t. I know these days will pass and this will all be a blip of a memory. I’m just hoping we can both survive each other to get to that point.

Corey Douglas

I’ve been posting about this a lot on Instagram, but Corey is pretty in love with the movie Space Jam. During “nap time,” I caught him wearing his hat backwards like some of the characters in the movie do. He’s also made me lower his basketball goal so he can dunk “like Michael Jordan, Mom!”

Corey Douglas

Corey went shopping with Daddy one day. They both got their “juice,” and home boy was more than willing to push the cart around. I’m so proud.

Corey Shops with Daddy

Corey was a brave little man during his allergy testing this week. We’ve got friends who’ve done this regularly, and I honestly just don’t know how they do it. It’s so hard for them to understand what’s going on. Each of these numbers represents a little “prick” with an allergen that’s used to see what (if anything) he’s allergic to. I’m not saying it hurts like a c-section, but each of these pricks feels like a really smart pinch. That’s a lot of pinching and pricking for a 3-year-old to understand! I’m thanking my lucky stars that Jon Boy was there to help hold him down. It was awful. And… he’s not allergic to anything. That’s a blessing and a curse because we were really hoping for some concrete answers for his chronic stuffy nose + cough.

Allergy Testing

Now that it’s getting warmer (okay, it’s getting warmer-colder-hotter-freezing-warmish-coldish…) I’m living in my Birkenstocks. A friend on Instagram labeled them BIRKEN-CROCS because they’re obvi Birkenstock brand, but they wear like good ole Crocs.

Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandals

I also can’t quit with the retro Adidas track pants. They bring back the good ole 90’s for me. My sneakers are some easy, slip-on goodies that come in tons of colors. I’m debating a second pair in leopard because I love a good casual sneaker.

Adidas Track Pants

I’m working on a recipe for Taco Bell Beans. Basically, the beans you get on your Mexican Pizza or in a sloppy ole Bean Burrito at the Bell-of-Tacos. I ate about 84 lbs. of Taco Bell when I was pregnant with Brooke, and I miss it. I feel like I lost a friend because I don’t see the girl in the drive thru anymore. So, to cope with my feelings, I’m trying to recreate that soupy, saucy, beany goodness. Stay tuned!

Taco Bell Beans

Cheers to Monday, y’all!

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  1. We had the best time!!! Thanks for letting us come stay and play! And an especially big thank you for the yummy dinner! Love y’all!


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