Life Lately and AE Sale

Life Lately and AE Sale

Rule #51: In Texas we wear 4 outfits a day just to keep up with the changing weather. 

Jon Boy and I got to sneak out for a double date with our sweet neighbors last night! It was the first time in the 2 1/2 years we’ve known them that we’d hung out without kids running around. It was loooong overdue!

date night

I was bummed this picture turned out blurry because I’m absolutely OBSESSED with my new earrings from JJ Leigh Designs. Krista is so, so talented!

JJ Leigh Designs

I’m also wearing her earrings in this little number here. I was so happy to get to wear my new Valentine’s flair-of-a-sweater from Magpie’s Gifts. I wore it out to a date night last week and got tons of compliments. It’s so cute and comfy!

Magpie's Gifts

Here’s a better view of the earrings (and of my adorable, mess-of-a-potty-training three year old).

Corey Douglas

I grabbed a bathroom selfie (because I’m basic like that) to get a good view of the cute little sweater. I wore it to our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) Galentine’s Party.

IMG 4622 1

We always have a great spread at our meetings, but this one was a little more special because of good ole V-Day. I made some good ole biscuits ‘n’ gravy to show my love for the gals. Corey was pretty devastated he couldn’t have it for breakfast that morning, so I saved a little and let him have some the next day. He gobbled it up and almost ate the plate it was on. Good to know he’s a true southern boy.

Biscuits and Gravy

As always, I’m sharing what we’ve been eating lately. We’re still doing low carb business, so we’ve been loving some Mediterranean Turkey Burgers, roasted veggies, and we’re slightly obsessed with Stubb’s Serrano Spinach.

Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

The weather, in typical Texas fashion, has been absolutely bananas lately. We went on a walk this morning and had to bundle up against the chilly, cold wind. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be 80 in like 2 hours, so we’ll do another wardrobe change then. No wonder I do so much laundry. It’s all making sense now. Also, Brooke has got that shade-throwing look down to a T. I wouldn’t want to tangle with her in a dark alley.

Brooke Marie

Corey got to drive his good ole Jurassic Park Jeep around, too. That look on his face is ridiculously joyous, but also strikes a deep chord of fear in me. Can you imagine him with that kind of excitement behind the wheel when he’s 16? Good Lord, I need to start meditating just thinking about it.

Corey Douglas

These sweet cheeks turned five months old last week. Time is absolutely flying by with this one. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s the second born or if it’s because she’s just as sweet and easy going as she can be. One thing I know I’m already going to miss is when she no longer has those “rubber band” wrists. You know what I mean? When the chubbies are just so chubby that they squeeze together and make it look like there’s a rubber band squeezing her wrist. Gah. I cannot even.

Brooke Marie

American Eagle is having an AWESOME sale right now that I had to share. Everything is 25-60% off, and holy happy online shopping they have some great finds!

This maxi would be so cute paired with strappy sandals, wedges, or even sneakers like these.


This midi dress has WEAR ME TO THE BEACH written all over it. I love the button detail and pockets are always a good idea!


I ordered this maxi dress because it will be perfect to throw on and chase my rascals around in. I love the neckline and the fact that it has cute little sleeves! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be living in this one.


I love me a good jumpsuit, y’all. I’m a sucker for ’em. This one is precious and also looks super comfy!


Uhmm… exqueeze me. Dark. Jeggings. With. Pockets!? Yes please! These jeggings are on my wishlist for sure!


I ordered these joggers because sometimes yoga pants are just not my jam. I love some good athleisure and the price can’t be beat! They’re so cute with the skinny fit, too.


This blouse is adorable. It comes in two different colors, and I love the cinched waist and cuffs!


This off-the-shoulder number is perfect for the transition from winter to spring. I picture myself wearing this one with some cute cropped jeans and eating about 4 pounds of crawfish. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m just kinda hungry. Either way, cute top!


I have to admit that I haven’t had much luck with lacy bralettes in the past. I usually end up having to fidget with them the entire time I’m wearing them, and I end up getting pretty cranky about the constant “adjusting”. I’m excited to try this bralette because of the adjustable straps! I also love the cut of the bra itself.


I had to end with a quote that a friend shared on Instagram this week. It really got me in the conviction feels. I could always use a reminder that my path is my own, not anyone else’s. I may look at others and be envious, but I don’t know their whole story. I need to be content in my own seasons and be happy for others in theirs.

Stop being jealous of people in their winning season. You have no idea what they lost in their losing season. Unknown

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