Garlic and Mushroom Pork Chops in Creamy White Wine Sauce

I don’t think anything can go wrong when your dinner consists of pork chops, mushrooms, wine, and a little cream. This delicious, creamy sauce paired with the savory, seared pork chops makes for one heck of a meal. You can have this little bundle of happy tummy goodness on the table in about 30 minutes, too!

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Slow Cooker Red Wine Pot Roast

Rule #239: It’s not fall until there’s a pot roast on the table. I don’t think it gets anymore “fall”ish than a good ole hunky pot roast that’s been cooking for hours and filling the…

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Weekly Meal Plan

Rule #186: If you think about your next meal while you’re eating your current one, you are my friend for life.

I’m sharing our weekly meal plan for the upcoming week today! I’ve linked every recipe I have plus some of the products we love and restaurants we order delivery from!

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Steak with Piquillo Peppers and Capers

Steak with Piquillo Peppers and Capers is an easy way to upgrade your steak this summer! It’s simple, delicious, and on the table in under an hour.

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Simple, Scrumptious Meatloaf

Rule #228: Meatloaf isn’t sexy, but it is delicious.

I’ve wanted to post this recipe for YEARS, but I’ve never been able to snag a good photo. The pics you see are, sadly, the best I could get. They don’t do this homestyle, comforting, take-you-back-to-Mama’s-house recipe justice. I love this meatloaf because it’s simple, scrumptious, and doesn’t have any sauce on top. Now, no offense to you top-saucer-folks. Everyone does meatloaf differently. I just happen to love this version most of all!

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